Baxter Of California

About Baxter Of California 

When it comes to skin and hair care it’s important to invest in the best, and using chemical laden, cheap products is going to cause damage in the long term. Baxter Of California is a skin care and grooming range that specialises in high quality products made from natural ingredients, and set at an affordable price. Their products, from their deodorant their daily face washes is paraben and aluminium-free, and contains soothing ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera, to ensure your skin stays smooth and well protected. 


History of Baxter Of California 

Starting off in 1965 with just one product, a men’s moisturiser called Super Shape, Baxter Of California believed in the rise of men’s grooming, and despite the fact that it was a little ahead of its time, the men of the world soon caught up. Baxter’s shaving products, along with their skin care, became popular for their ‘science meets nature’ ingredients which ensured the effectiveness of a chemical packed product without any of the damage. Over time, as men’s personal grooming became more of an accepted thing, Baxter’s supplies began to expand, and they branched out into lip care and after shaving care. They’re now one of the top providers for men’s skin care, and use more natural ingredients than most mainstream brands.  


Products from Baxter Of California  

If you’re looking for a gentle yet effective face wash, the best wet shaving products for a close shave, or just a hand cream that doesn’t smell of lavender or roses, then Baxter Of California is your best bet. Certain products are easy, versatile pieces for every man, such as the lightweight grooming lotion which can be used as a styling clay or pre-style cream for your hair, depending on your preference. Others are more luxurious and ideal for when you want something a little special, like their hydro salve lip balm in a tasty mojito flavour. With their clean packaging, affordable pricing and high product quality, they’re a great for a mate, or just something get for yourself.