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About Anderson's belts

Anderson’s are an Italian company who specialise in creating some of the most distinctive belts to originate from Europe. Not to be mistaken for just any woven style belt, Anderson’s woven belts are known throughout the world as a finely created accessory. Considered specialists due to their fantastically woven belts from leather, suede or textiles, Anderson’s remain at an affordable price for almost anyone to add to their wardrobe and appreciate. A stand out feature of Anderson’s is their use of colour on their <fabric belts, and multi coloured features make their belts easy to distinguish from other similar belts.


History of Anderson's belts

In 1960, a young upstart by the name of Mr. Carlo Valenti started learning the art of belt making at a famous leather factory in Parma, Italy. After learning the intricacies of how to design and create with leather, Valenti, along with his future wife and a few other colleagues were able to start the company Anderson’s. Valenti’s knowledge of tailoring and liking for British tailor Anderson and Sheppard led to the formation of the name Anderson’s


Products from Anderson's belts

Anderson’s use plenty of different materials to deliver their exquisite belts, but they stop short of making their slick looking belts look cluttered. Anderson’s men’s stretch belt has a great design compiling of multiple colours and a flawless woven design. These are popular choices as they have no specific belt holes and will add a credible amount of colour to an outfit lacking it. Leather trims on these elasticated woven belts add to a more impressive belt. The all-leather belts from Anderson‘s are excellently crafted, with the attention to detail of the woven leather belt and the clean cuts of the traditional belt being the stand out attributes.