About Alessi

Hailing out of Italy, Alessi has created a range of everyday items for the kitchen, putting their own unconventional design on their products. Their products are drawn from the kind of imagination and inspiration which pushes the concepts of cultural, aesthetic, design and functional quality to its premium best. The accessories they’ve produce have provided designers a great platform to showcase their vision and ability by having Alessi invest into their ideas for homeware. Although in essence their products may just be a corkscrew or juicer, the attraction stems from the simple fact Alessi is like no other in design and quality.


History of Alessi

Giovanni Alessi founded his namesake company in 1921, starting out of a small town on the outskirts of the Italian Alps. Alessi initially started as a workshop creating small objects for the home and kitchen out of metal and wood. The town where it all took place was renowned for creating these kitchen utensils and it wasn’t too long before Alessi was the most recognised in the region. When Giovanni couldn’t continue, his son Carlo took leadership of the company, bringing a more youthful and era appropriate outlook, which was defined in 1955 with his decision to start collaborating with designers. This brought instant success with the introduction of their cocktail shaker in 1957, created by two Italian designers. Throughout the rest of the 20th century, Alessi kitchenware continued to make collaborated pieces to great success. Items like the ‘Juicy Salif and the Anna G. Corkscrew have grown to be iconic homeware.


Products from Alessi

They have been producing kitchen utensils for nearly 100 years, some of which are truly iconic and divisive. Maybe the most talked about product of theirs is the lemon squeezer otherwise known as the Juicy Salif. Standing at nearly a foot tall, the juicer is both unique and chilling, displaying a resemblance to the aliens from war of the worlds. Another object that has gained huge success is the Anna G. corkscrew. The corkscrew shape hasn’t changed; the designer has literally just thrown a dress over it and put on a smiley face, yet it has become a popular cult figure and a must have at any wine party.