Shaving Products


There are few things in life that are certain, but the male need to shave will always be one of them. Shaving technology has come on leaps and bounds since Alexander the Great introduced it to his troops as a deterrent to opposition grabbing their beards in combat (apparently). These days there are other reasons for the want of a shave, mostly as it is the appearance the 21st-century man knows and loves. There is no denying a fresh, clean shave is the sharpest facial hair statement to make.


When buying a razor a lot of men can make the rookie error of going straight to the cheapest pack of disposables and thinking the job is halfway done. We just don't agree that this is the case. A bad razor can do more harm than good. Investing in a well-trusted razor that is going to last is the best way to the closest and cleanest shave. Murdoch of London also has this ethos which is shown in their Ernest Double Edged Safety Razor. This product is a blast in the past aesthetically, as is the case with most Murdoch products, however, it incorporates modern safety tech to make it useable by your everyday man. Without turning your morning shave into a scene from Sweeney Todd.


After shaving, your skin can be at its most sensitive state. The key to stopping irritation is by applying an after shave lotion to leave skin refreshed and healthier looking. Muhle is a German company hailing from the Era Mountains that can give assistance with both the shave and the aftercare. Their selection of after shave balms are made from 99 percent vegetable raw materials and mineral components. We particularly like the Sea Buckthorn version due to its nutritional values and quick dry effect.