Hair Products


It goes without saying that the selection of different male hairstyles you will encounter day to day is the broadest it has ever been. With an increase in dos, there is going to be an increase in products, all with different purposes.


However, whatever your style there will always be a need for one product, in particular, shampoo. San Francisco based company Hanz De Fuko may be known for their styling products, but how can your mop be correctly styled if you haven't prepared first? Introducing the Hanz De Fuko Natural Shampoo. Made from 16+ pure natural plant extracts and 10+ amino acids for optimum hair growth, this product will keep both your hair and scalp healthy. COOL TIP: Natural Shampoo works great as an all-over body and face wash!


So your hair is revitalised and you're getting ready to go out with the boys. Don't go out looking like a fluff ball, whack some product in there! But dont overdo it. For a more natural look stay away from gel and opt for a wax/putty which has a matte-like finish as opposed to a high shine. Neville’s Hair putty is made with Maca extracted to stimulate hair growth which in turn keeps the hair healthier, as well as Artichoke extract, helping to keep dandruff at bay. This product gives a medium hold which can be restyled if needed and applied to both damp and dry hair depending on your preference.