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Face Grooming Products

The first point of contact and one of your only body parts that is exposed to the elements 99% of the time, your face goes through a lot and you should take more care of it. With everything from face washes to oral care products on offer, there are no excuses for not keeping on top of it.


The key to keeping your face cleansed is with a trusted face scrub. To be used both night and day when washing your face, a scrub will gently polish and hydrate your skin, preventing the chance of problems in the future and keeping your mug looking young and energised. L:A Bruket pride themselves on their natural Swedish roots which is shown in their products. The L:A Bruket Face Scrub is infused with sweet almond oil to delicately slough away dead skin while the scent of Petitgrain leaves you looking and smelling refreshed.


Arguably, the best way to improve one's facial appearance is probably the most simple. With a gleaming smile. Men and women alike have been upholding high standards of dental care dating back as far as ancient Egyptian times when the first replacement teeth were created, over 9000 years ago. It's without a doubt one of the most practised forms of grooming. One of the most fashion conscious nations, Italy, have been shipping their iconic Marvis toothpaste since the 50s with a huge boom in popularity coming in the 70s. The Idle Man currently stocks all 7 versions of the paste but you really can't go wrong with the Classic Strong Mint edition. Packing a bit of a punch this product will leave you with a breath of fresh air.