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Tom Daxon

About Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon is a British brand created by Tom Daxon himself. After starting the business in 2013 after he had left university he began focusing on his passion for creating unisex fragrances that show off a selection of aromas ranging from rich and woody to light and fresh. Coming into an already heavily saturated market the brand has gone from strength to strength, expanding to produce scented candles, shower gels and body lotions. Tom Daxon’s brilliantly young talent has not gone to waste with his creativity inspiring each and every smell, lotion or gel.

Products from Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon perfume is produced without time or cost constraints with each scent being created with all the right notes.The Sicilian wood fragrance has a sweet yet sharp aroma with extracts of lemon, tangerine and cardamom that bring a delicate floral base that pleases the senses. The minimally packaged under milk wood candle can burn for up to 40 hours giving off the sense of amber, gaiac wood musks and suede amongst a nutty undertone. As well as the top fragrances and candles, the body lotions and shower gels all provide scents that are just as indulging and creative.