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The English Beard Oil Company

About The English Beard Company

The with recent popularisation of the full beard lifestyle, a good beard oil is a grooming essential. The English Beard Oil Company was created by industry expert Mark O’Shea after searching tirelessly for a totally natural yet great-smelling beard oil and not finding any. O’Shea’s response to the gap in the market is a multi-purpose beard oil. Using a 100% blend of essential oils in a natural oil base, these oils are not only all-natural and good-smelling, they are genuinely nutritious to your beard and skin. The blend of oils will control, tame, and shape your beard while conditioning it deeply. Even if you don’t have a full beard, you can still apply a few drops to your stubble to soften it. In addition to this, the oil will condition and moisturise your skin. The oils can also be used while shaving in lieu of a shaving cream or gel.

Products from The English Beard Company

The English Beard Oil Company has quite a limited product range, but the products they offer leave nothing to be desired for your grooming needs. A completely natural treatment for your beard – to soften, tame and control. Their first oil blend is Juniper and Rosemary, which contains coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, juniper berry fruit oil, sweet orange peel oil, and finally rosemary leaf oil. Their other oil blend is Lime and Bergamot, which has coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, lime peel oil, bergamot fruit oil, coriander seed oil, basil leaf oil, and cardamom seed oil. To condition, after combing your beard massage a few drops of Beard Oil throughout. Apply daily. To use for shaving, wet face with warm water, apply a few drops and shave as normal.