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About Sachajuan


The brainchild of two accomplished hairdressers, Sachajuan is the namesake brand by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. Founded in Stockholm in 1997, they put their wealth of knowledge of hair styling, care and fashion to good use, launching their own salon and later creating an exclusive line of haircare products.

Products from Sachajuan


The essence of Sachajuan is to make looking after your hair uncomplicated. Their easy-to-use products are encased in quintessentially Scandinavian, pared-back packaging, housing simple ingredients designed to leave hair feeling soft and natural. Sachajuan’s shampoo and conditioner are created with ocean silk technology - developed with sea algae’s rhodophycea and chondrus crispus, Sacahjuan’s hair repair products are ideal for boosting moisture, shine and overall natural quality of your hair. With their products focusing on maintaining health and restoring damaged hair, these clever products are ideal for everyday use.