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Recipe For Men

About Recipe For Men

Creating the finest in grooming and skincare supplies since 2002, The Idle Man bring you Recipe for Men. They focus on solving common skincare problems easily and simply, providing tangible results and visible effects. The whole range is manufactured and developed in Sweden, in Recipe for Men’s state of the art production laboratory. Recipe for Men’s skincare range is vast, and something can be found for everyone.

Products from Recipe For Men

Like a lot of men with facial hair, finding the right product for your beard can be a task. Look no further than Recipe for Men’s Beard Elixir. Consisting of natural oils that freshen, condition and moisturise your beard, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. It’s a formula that needs to be applied daily, and will leave you with the fine scents of pine oil, lemongrass and sea buckthorn.

Alongside this, the Facial Scrub also comes highly recommended by professionals. It’s a cleansing formula that prepares your skin for shaving and leaves it energised, clean and fresh. It also reduces oiliness and prevents bacterial infections.