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About Odin


Odin is a fragrance brand originating from the streets of New York, the brand has two major collections - The Black Line and The White Line. The Black Line takes you on an exciting journey through nine exotic destinations around the world. On the other hand, The White Line is intricately formulated to be an almost opposite experience from its partner. Whilst still remaining unisex, it provides a distinctly more feminine and less intense scent, and is structurally very different from The Black Line.

Products from Odin


Odin 03 Century, from The Black Line is a standout product to us. Inspired by ancient Cypress, it captivates the scents of silver birch, forest mint and liquid myrrh beautifully, and will leave you smelling fresh for the duration of the day. Another highlight of the collection has to be 06 Amanu, taking it’s inspiration from Southern Mediterranean mountains and Anatolian soils, it combines the exquisite scents of blood orange, magnolia and amberwood.