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About Neville


Neville has a diverse range of shaving, hair, body and skin care products that all aim to fulfil your everyday grooming needs. The natural ingredients and world-wide approach to design has made these products barbershop ready. So much so that master barber Tom Harrigan has helped developed each product alongside a highly specialised team of scientific formulators to be used in his own barber shop. The ensured quality and high-performance Neville products are all brought to you behind the award-winning beauty brand Cowshed. This has enabled them to combine an old-world approach to design with the very best natural ingredients.

Products from Neville


Each product is uniquely designed and made in England with the utilitarian packaging making it stand out from the rest. The hair putty or hair pomade will create a slick, smooth look while keeping high-shine and healthy hair. As well as the hair on your head it’s essential to keep your beard and moustache neat and looked after. Neville shaving is where the products excel, the shaving cream and soap should become a part of your shaving routine due to the skin smoothing perfection and enhancing properties. The moustache wax will keep your hairs in place and styled moustache looking perfect all day long with every product being simple yet effective and able to always get the job done.