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About Muhle


Hand made in Germany the care and precision that goes into every product is what has made Muhle such a worldwide recognisable brand. Now in the third generation of owners, the brands been driven by the desire to achieve the highest quality and best shave possible. The expert know-how has developed each and every product to be the best it can be, making them one of the leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving. All the beautifully designed products have a unique aspect that helps you as the consumer to have healthy, hydrated and carefully shaved skin.

History of Muhle


Founded in 1945, and after a difficult start Otto Johannes Muller’s business grew and they began to specialise in shaving brushes. In 1949 a fire destroyed the entire company’s building which at the time was only a wooden shed from a former Reich Labour Service. But even this couldn’t set Muller back as he then went onto shipping goods worldwide and by 1963 there was around 40 employees. After Otto Johannes’ death, his son took over the family business and by the early 70’s the company became a Publicly Owned Operation. The company has grown rapidly and have kept expanding their product range despite surviving some big changes and setbacks along the way. New classic-modern corporate and package designs have been developed as well as their expansion of factories and locations. This German brand now have a show store in Berlin where they celebrate the art of shaving and what the company has become.

Products from Muhle


As a brand that’s always looking forward, Muhle have a wide array of products including razors, brushes, soaps and refined accessories that’ll make your shaving routine that whole lot better. To make up your muhle shaving kit, mix and match with aloe vera shaving balm, sea buckthorn shaving cream and the Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush. The products are made for your skin and soul and have a selection of brushes that have brought the Muhle name above the rest. The faux tortoiseshell silver-tip badger hair brush is one of their best sellers due to the premium design and soft badger hairs which make the brush compatible for even sensitive skin. As well as creams, balms and shaving utensils the brand offer safety razor and shaving brush stands that’ll help organise your bathroom cabinet for the best shaving experience to date.