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Escentric Molecules

About Escentric Molecules


When art meets science amazing things can happen and that’s exactly what went down when perfumer Geza Schoen launched Escentric Molecules in 2006. By using molecular technology the scents that have been created have pushed boundaries and embraced a minimalist approach. Molecule perfume uses an aroma-molecule that doesn’t exist in nature and one that was unknown to perfumery until the launch of the brand. The fragrances explore and break the rules of perfumery with one common denominator, the Iso E Super scent.

Products from Escentric Molecules


Escentric Molecules contain no other fragrant ingredients apart from than the Iso E Super aroma-molecule. The perfumes are therefore made with purity in mind and a focus on a series of exceptional aroma-molecules. For each product the perfume ingredients is kept to a minimum with every pair focusing on those rare molecules that have their own character and radiance that is used to make them stand out. The original Escentric Molecules 01 is a fragrance that defines the company's tradition, it focuses on one base note that can be captured over and over again throughout the day. The scents created are unisex and have the desired alluring effect that every perfume should have.