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Ernest Supplies

About Ernest Supplies

Hailing from New York City, Ernest Supplies intention is clear and simple - to take straight advantage of skincare technology developments and create something efficient and simple using this.

The brand are known for their eye catching and innovative packaging, they come in stand up, spouted pouches. Ernest Supplies was the first skincare brand in the USA to package their products like this. The pouches are similar to those used in the food industry, they keep the product fresh and give the company an impressively good carbon footprint.

In May 2016, Ernest Supplies’ Soap Free Gel Face Wash received a grooming award from the prestigious Men’s Health magazine. The brand has also received several other awards from magazines including Esquire and GQ, both impressive feats by any means. Ernest supplies are well known for making some of the best matte moisturisers and matte face washes on the market.

Products from Ernest Supplies

As mentioned above, the Gel Face Wash is one of Ernest Supplies’ most successful products, it contains amazing levels of Vitamin C, plus Sodium Hyaluronate which is one of the best hydrating agents around.

Alongside this, the Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush is another stand out product, being one of the only completely biodegradable toothbrushes on the market. It’s custom made and charcoal infused, and will do your teeth wonders.