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Dr Jackson's

About DR Jackson

This science-led cosmetics company was founded by by botanical scientist Dr. Simon Jackson and aims to provide luxury skincare products using the best ingredients nature products the UK has to offer. After studying the traditional uses of plants and natural products, each Dr Jackson skincare product is based on the scientific research with techniques that mimic the way the natural ingredients are extracted. Ethically tested and powerful in their own natural ways, the products will leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

DR Jackson products

This stylish, nature inspired brand have researched and developed a wide array of products that will leave your face feeling revitalised and with a clearer complexion. The Dr Jackson face and eye cream which is rich in vitamin C helps to brighten the delicate area around the eyes reducing the appearance of fatigue and stress. Along with keeping your eyes awake, the Dr Jackson’s face oil has extracts of baobab seed oil and calendula flower which help towards more calm and nourished skin that’ll fight against any imperfections. This cutting-edge innovation has lead to a ecological skincare brand that promotes and continues to develop products that bring nature to you.