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Bad Norwegian

About Bad Norwegian

Bad Norwegian is a skincare brand for men, created by men. The journey started with Founder Marius Kristiansen on his explorations in South Africa, where he found the harsh conditions payed his skin no favours. Fed up of having to turn to his girlfriend for face cream, which came in far too feminine packaging, Marius decided to create a modern, masculine grooming alternative. Bad Norwegian extracts the typical qualities associated with Norway, creating a brand fit for the honest, confident and rogue man. Their products are created with clean, high quality components that let men be men.

Products from Bad Norwegian

Bad Norwegian skincare vow to test their products on friends, not animals. Their products don’t add any unnecessary components or use any potentially harmful ingredients, making them clean and honest. The Bad Norwegian hyper-nourishing facial cream works for all skin types, protecting and nourishing the skin, and providing relief for daily shaving. For oily to combination skin types, opt for the Revitalise Face cream- a grease-free, nourishing moisturiser that guarantees long lasting nourishment. For the shower, the face and body wash create a shield for the skin, soothing redness and sensitive skin with it’s menthol ingredients and cleansing properties. All of the Bad Norwegian packaging confirms these products are for men: not for women.