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About Anthony

Anthony Sosnick had his heart set on turning the grooming industry around after he recognised the lack of quality there was for prestige grooming products for men. Anthony goods are therefore all about producing the highest quality skincare products that range from cleansing your face to protecting you from the sun. The multi-functional, multi-benefit personal care assets are created with extracts of natural ingredients and the use of the latest technology.

Products from Anthony

With products ranging from the best shaving essentials to effective skin care concern and solution, Anthony have a wide selection on offer. The alcohol free deodorant and no sweat body defense cream will nourish and protect throughout the day while the algae or glycolic facial cleanser will keep your face feeling refreshed, hydrated and oil free. Shaving is a key process for the majority so having the best routine will enhance the experience and better the outcome. A pre-shave oil, shaving cream and shaving gel are all brilliant products that’ll help with reduced irritation, blemishes and a closer shave.