Body Grooming Products


With the male skincare and grooming market being one of the fastest growing its no wonder there is a host of new brands emerging that offer everything from face scrubs to sun care products. For your average Joe, this can be quite daunting but The Idle Man is here to ease the journey by carefully selecting a range of no-nonsense products that all of us should have in out toilet cabinet.


One thing that men have been doing for centuries is showering (we hope). The first place to start when delving into the deep abyss of male grooming products should be in the shower. How many of us will shower night and day yet never expand our reach of products past shampoo and the odd bit of conditioner (for our longer haired friends)? Brands such as Bad Norwegian are here to help by producing natural face and body washes for every need, be it to cool, exfoliate or give a helping hand with the wear and tear of old age.


It doesn't stop there tho. More and more men are using lotion and moisturising to help prevent the chances of skin problems which can occur when the skin it too dry or oily. It can also reduce the appearance of blemishes, help ageing and fight wrinkles.


One of the most common causes of facial skin problems can be a result of dirty from your hands being contracted to the face. To stop this at the source brands like D.R Harris have you covered with their hand and shower soaps such as the Arlington Soap on a Rope which as well as being a must have toiletry is also a nice addition to any bathroom.