Why Croatia is the New Ibiza


When deciding on your next boys holiday, Ibiza is of course at the top of your list, with others like Ayia Napa and Magaluf falling gracefully behind. But, with the nightlife improving and over 20 festivals hitting the Eastern European sun spot this year, have you thought about one of the newest holiday destinations to hit the scene?

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Croatia - could it be overtaking Ibiza as the new party capital? This is today's question and as we approach the summer months, we're going to take a look at it for ourselves. The festival and party scene is saturating a new holidaymaker market with teenagers and young adults looking for party holidays. Croatia has therefore worked it's way up the list and is now one of the firm favourites. But why? What actually are the pros and cons of Croatia and is this taking over the Ibiza appeal?

Croatia is a country with a long, and very picturesque, coastline that runs alongside the Adriatic Sea. It's surrounded by more than a thousand islands and has streets filled with culture. Life here is pretty slow, simple and traditional, however, as the average age of tourists holidaying in Croatia gets younger each year, it has become one of the go to festival destinations of the decade. Highly reliant on the tourism industry, student holidays to Croatia have become very popular.

Of course, nothing can quite compare to Ibiza as the number one original party capital. But if you're more of a festival fan rather than a pool party or club kind of guy, Croatia holidays may be the better option. So, to help you understand everything you need to know, we've done the research for you.

Festival Goers

If you've planed a visit to Croatia this summer then first of all we're very jealous. Second, with some of the biggest and best European festivals held here each year, you must have heard that some of the best nightlife in Croatia is happening when you're at one of the festivals. There has been a whole host of music festivals that have touched down and set up camp in Croatia. So with the picture perfect backdrop, sunny weather and affordable prices, why wouldn't you want to spend the week here?

The festivals are located all around the island, usually along the 5000 km plus coastline. And with a lot of the island being untouched for many years prior, Croatia beaches are the perfect home for beach parties and DJ sets. From Hideout and INmusic festival to when Outlook close the season, if you take the journey there, you'll definitely get an insight into what Croatia nightlife is like.

And it's not just your usual DJ's and sets that grace the Croatian location. The thing that makes it a lot different to the Ibiza weekly sets, that have been well established by now, is the fact you can see a plethora of festivals on offer, each one as different as the next. Even though festivals do occasionally happen in Ibiza, they don't quite make up the ones available in Croatia. There's more than just meets the eye when it comes to this subject as the unique festivals are just as good as the mainstream.

The Party Scene

As well as the Croatian summer being filled with festivals, you may wonder what other things there are to do in Croatia. The rise of the Croatia nightlife has made this a top holiday destination and one that's great for those looking to have some fun. From club nights to day drinking on the Croatia beaches, the clubber in you will be wanting to make an appearance. Plus, Croatia nightlife prices won't break the bank. A lot of people think paying in Euros is expected but it's better to ask before you shove the money in a locals face. The actual currency here is the Croatian kuna so it's worth checking before you head out there.

Dimensions festival is a Croatian favourite
PHOTO CREDIT: Dimensions

Where to stay in Croatia

As the island is on the rise, a lot of the Croatian locals income stems from tourism, meaning there is a increased availability for where to stay in Croatia. Hotels, hostels and airbnbs are all available. What you choose will depend on your budget and the area in which you want to stay. Many festival goers use airbnbs as their accommodation of choice because it gives you your own 'homely' area for the duration of your stay.

If you're stopping for a short period of time and quite enjoy the hostel life, there are loads available. So if sharing rooms with strangers doesn't sound off putting to you, hostels are a cheap way to stay and meet new and interesting people at the same time.

And, for those of you that like a little bit of luxury, renting a villa for you and your mates is one way to enjoy the blissful island. You can travel to and from your destinations via various means of transport or, you can wander through the small city streets on foot.

Life in Croatia

The vibe in Croatia is still very different to that of Ibiza. You can ditch the bucket hat and raving glasses and swap them for a pair of swim shorts and actual sunglasses. The island hoping nature of Croatia has a very chilled out summer feel, and even though it's festival and clubbing scene are catching up to Ibiza's, it's a whole new experience. Compared to the Ibiza life where everything you need is probably already catered for, Croatia is still figuring out these new possibilities.

You're able to take a fresh look at the scenery, the food and even the people who are simply going about their daily lives on fishing boats and in the towns. So when you're out enjoying the DJ sets and parties, you can enjoy the beauty of the island at the same time.

When it comes to the heat, the weather in Croatia is ideal for those all day festivals. The temperatures are usually at an average of 25 degrees, meaning it's the perfect temperature to be in without overheating or feeling faint. The temperature can vary quite a bit throughout the year so a lot of the events are held between May and early September because believe it or not, it can go down to around nine degrees in the winter months.

Compared to Ibiza - The Pros and Cons of Ibiza

Now that we've covered how Croatia is now making its way on to the party scene, we do understand that there's still a huge gap between the two. Ibiza is more focused on the super clubs, the bursting sound systems and crowds after crowds of revellers enjoying the newest and biggest Ibiza season yet. If you're heading to Ibiza you've got to have the money to do so, as well as the energy! A lot of people ask how expensive is Ibiza?. And the answer is pretty expensive. For some clubs the entry can be as much as 70 euros. So it's not the actual trip that's expensive, it's what you spend when you're there that's going to hit your bank balance.

As like most places, there are many pros and cons of going to Ibiza which ultimately will always depend on you and your preferences. If you love the big party scene, then Ibiza is for you. The world famous pool parties and super clubs that are bigger than your house and your neighbours put together, are both things to do in Ibiza. It's loud, buzzy and has more energy than anywhere you've been before.

Head out to Croatia for some new party scenes

On That Note

So if you're thinking about a trip away this summer then have you considered a trip to Croatia? Even though Ibiza may be your usual go to party spot, why not mix it up a bit and head to the coastal beauty of Croatia. For festivals, a new and exciting clubbing scene or just to see what picturesque places they have around, Croatia holiday's will satisfy all your summer needs.


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