What Girls Really Think About Your Tattoos


Of course every girl has their own opinion on tattoos. Some make it a necessity in a guy and others wouldn't mind if they disappeared tomorrow. When asking around the office, the girls responses were mixed and there were a lot of interesting reasons why.

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Tattoos can say a lot about a person. They could be thoroughly planned, or more of a last minute decision. They can mean something sentimental or they could be random. The world of tattoos is huge, very creative and has a lot of different opinions circulating on the subject. So before you commit to the ink, are you thinking twice or are you raring to go? Do you need reassurance that us girls do actually like tattoos?

Do girls like guys with tattoos

This is where we come to the big question - do most girls like tattoos? I'm pretty sure that an answer from one girl won't be enough, so I decided to ask around the office. The main answer I got was a yes. And the main reason why? This was the interesting part as it was all pretty much based on the 'bad boy' image. All girls love this look, or just love the idea of it. To me, tattoos can be funny, stylish or sentimental. It depends on the person and it depends on their style, so even though this is essentially an opinion, I don't think its a bad or bias one. 

Compared to my voice on the subject, the other girls were much more interesting to listen to. There were a wide variety of answers, some pretty much only yes/no based and some were a lot different to what I thought they would be. For instance, a girl that's more on the quieter side said that if they have good muscles, then a well designed tattoo looks good, but not when it's all over the body. She then continued to add that she likes black ink and not coloured because it looks 'tacky'. So what is a tacky tattoo? Because there are guys I see around with coloured designed and they don't look tacky. 

Another response was 'personally, I love coloured tattoos', which is totally different to the opinion before. Is this because it's more suited to her style, or are the coloured tattoos that she's seen a lot more stylish than some of the 'tacky' ones that are out there. Or, (yes another or) is it because the coloured ink was seen on a guy that had a big build, looked tough and gave off the 'stereotypical' tattoo look. This was another girls thoughts. She looked at some images of David Beckham, Alex Bowen and Justin Bieber, liked their tattoos but couldn't decide if this was because she already thinks they're attractive or because they have tattoos makes them more attractive.

This discussion could go on and on as tattoos are a bit of a marmite subject. You either love them or hate them. You can even half love them if you want to (and I know it's not a complete marmite situation but I'm sure you'll find someone that doesn't mind marmite). This then leads us on the the next question of what kind of tattoos do girls like on guys?

Do girls like tattoos on guys? If you're Justin Bieber, yes

What tattoos do girls like on men?

The drunken mistakes, the supposedly 'funny' pieces you get done when you think you're cool at uni, or the ones you've been planning to get since you were old enough to even consider a tattoo. Every tattoo has some kind of story so should we really judge you on your choice? I believe that if you don't regret it, then you've won at the choosing a tattoo game. After all, you're pretty much stuck with it for the rest of your life.

Admittedly there are a few embarrassing and sometimes stupid tattoos that we see amongst those of you that have been drawn on. And I'm afraid to say, when we see these, the bad boy connotations immediately escape our minds. We like the designs and images you boys come up with but sometimes, we do have to think twice about what went through your mind when you were picking that cupcake sitting on a surfboard tattoo.

If you do want some real help with choosing a tattoo, and if impressing girls is one of the top three on your list, then myself and the office girls can help a little. If it has some kind of interesting design, meaning or sentiment to it then we're interested. Prints, flowers, geometric shapes that are wound into animal drawings or complex lines and dashes, all seem to appear a lot on guys bodies. And we quite like these.

I'm not sure how to give you any full advice on what kind of tattoos girls like on guys, but if it fits in with you, your body and any other tattoos you may have, I think we'd approve. Those tattoos that are random, and stand out for the wrong reasons aren't quite up our street. And while we're on the subject, one thing I can tell you is where some girls like to see tattoos. The forearm, and a full sleeve are our favourites. Your chest is also a top spot if you've got the right design and it doesn't look messy. The inside of your wrists, stopping where your shirt sleeve would finish and then the back of the calf are places where tattoos seem to show dominance. To us, it portrays a manly element which makes it more attractive.

Chris Brown is covered in tattoos

Tattoo's on a Gentleman?

To some people, even asking this question is absurd. But seriously, in today's modern society is there really a big divide between those of you that have tattoos and those of you that consider yourself a gentlemen? No not really. When people tell you that you won't like the look of your tattoos when you get older. Or if you have to look smart what are you going to do? Well you can simply cover them up or embrace them as part of yourself. You had them done for a reason so if you love them now, you'll hopefully still love them in 40 years time.

Carrying on from this, the definition of gentleman doesn't entirely focus on your looks anyway. Yes we all think that sometimes dress is important but most of the time being a gentleman is based on how you act. You can wear a suit and still have a body full of tattoos underneath. To the naked eye are you a gentleman then? Yes probably, if you act like it that is! And when you remove your suit are you still a gentlemen? Well, yes again because what's really changed? Other than the your clothes, you're still the same person.

This is a weird thing to discuss but it gets brought up a lot nowadays. And in a way, having a tattoo has become a lot more mainstream. A lot of people have at least one now and they still go about their daily lives without any problem.

Is It All about the Image?

Do guys get tattoos just so they can get the 'bad boy' look or do you get them because you actually quite like the look it gives you and don't care about what anyone else thinks? Ultimately, every guy wants to impress, so whether it's the clothes you wear, the hair style you have or the tattoos you've got, it's the image you portray that us girls like. And to us, there are two main looks that we love when it comes to tattoos. We'll start with the real life 'bad boy' look.

You know what I'm talking about here, right? The image all girls (well I say all, I mean the ones in the Idle office) associate with tattoos. The built up guy, with muscles bigger than your future and a tan that makes the tattoos stand out even more. Basically The Rock's of the world. Is this the image that every (or most) guys strive for? Is it the reason behind the five times a week gym sessions and protein shakes?

Or, is it the Justin Bieber and Harry Styles image you're after. The 'indie' boy that doesn't quite have the muscle but has the edgy style instead. The guy that the other load of girls are attracted to. The one that finds new and emerging brands and likes to look a bit different. The kind of guy that would love to take a suit out of Harry Styles' wardrobe. And, if it's all Gucci, we would too.

Dougie Poynter embraces the coloured tattoo's

On That Note

There's always the argument about your body being your body. You can do with it what you please, so what does it matter what other people think. And here at The Idle Man, we completely agree with this. If you want to personalise your body with ink then why not, whats really stopping you? People pierce holes for jewellery, they wear clothes that they like, so why not get creative and show off your tattoos.


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