A Guided Tour of Melbourne With Dub FX

A Guided Tour of Melbourne With Dub FX

We're taking a look at Melbourne through the eyes of one of their most successful sons. Dub FX gives us a guided tour of his home town.

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He's played some of the biggest festivals on the planet, sold hundred of thousands of records and he's done it all while remaining completely independent. If he's not touring the World, he's making the most of his home town, Melbourne Australia. What better person to give us a backstage view than Dub FX himself.

Never one to stay still for too long Dub FX has a new album out. 'Thinking Clear' was recorded in his own Treetop studios over 4 months and it's a blend of his challenging lyrics, his signature beat boxing and live instrumentation. His circumstances might have changed a lot since his early days travelling the World beatboxing on the street but his energy hasn't. Dub FX is an artist you can't help but admire. Give it a listen. If you want to catch Dub FX live, he's playing in London, Bristol & Manchester this November. Check his site to see tour dates.

dub fx theory of harmony dub fx love someone dub fx flow

Where’s the first place you visit when you return home from abroad?

My home in the Dandenong ranges! the air is sweet, its green and lush… I love it there.

Where’s your preferred place to chill and clear your head?

Again it has to be my home in the forest. We have the second tallest tree in the world which is also the tallest flowering plant in the world called “mountain ash - eucalyptus”. my house is surrounded by them, i just have to look up and i instantly feel calm.

dub fx melbourne guide
PHOTO CREDIT: Photorator

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

Depends on what you need, I love the night markets in the city or in St. Kilda in the summer time, or else theirs heaps of cool stuff around Fitzroy and Brunswick.

melbourne night marker
PHOTO CREDIT: Melbourne Girl

Where’s your favourite place to eat?

Ooow thats hard! So many good places to mention, ill give you 5! Journey Man or Hawkers Hall on Chapel street, Uncle in Balaclava, Rockwell and Sons on Smith Street and Thom Phat on Sydney Road.

hawker restaurant melbourne dub fx city guide
PHOTO CREDIT: Where To Tonight

Where’s the best place to have a drink?

The Night Cat on Johnston St in Fitzroy! awesome huge bar that plays all kinds of live world music mixed with funky dance music! its the best place in Melbourne!

The Night Cat on Johnston St in Fitzroy dub fx

A hidden gem that not a lot of people know about?

Their is an amazing barber called “Capelli” in Fitzroy! the most professional cut I’ve ever had by an Iraqi guy and his wife, and it was 30 bucks!

fitzroy melbourne dub fx
PHOTO CREDIT: Quirky Accom


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