Top Picks For A Man Cave

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Sometimes being a man is hard right? What's needed every now and again is some total chill-out time, be it alone or with the boys. That said, a place to do this without being disturbed is also necessary, a silent retreat away from the outside world - a man cave.

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Once you've found your safe place, what's needed next is all the essentials to make a man cave everything it should be and more. Luckily for you, we've rounded up some of the best options available right now to stock your man cave with. From the obvious likes of beer, to more niche products we've covered the lot.

Beavertown Brewery

If you're chilling with your mates watching football or something of the likes, the likelihood is that you're going to want a beer. Whilst a lot of men will settle for anything they can get their hands on, here at The Idle Man we think otherwise. Why settle for something standard when luxury is readily available and affordable? Over at Beavertown Brewery, they focus on creating beers that take you on a journey of taste. Gamma Ray and Lupoloid are instant favourites, miles ahead of the competition. Not to mention the crazy, standout packaging that you can recognise as Beavertown from miles away.

Check out Beavertown's entire range via their website.

beavertown gamma ray-side
PHOTO CREDIT: Beavertown Brewery

Big D Nuts

What better to accompany a cold beer than a bag of delicious nuts? Coming in several different varieties, including the classics such as salted peanuts, honey-roasted peanuts and new renditions such as BBQ coated peanuts and chili nuts. Big D aren't stingy when it comes to their nuts either, you'll get plenty in a pack so don't panic.

Check out Big D's entire range via their website.

big d chilli nuts-side
PHOTO CREDIT: Trigon Snacks

8o8 Whisky

Of course it's all well and good being stocked up on beers, but after a while drinking simply beer can get a little heavy and gassy, and you might want to move onto something a little easier. A strong choice for a lot of people is whisky, however a lot of whiskies have a reputation for being an "old man's drink". That's where 8o8 come in. Created by successful DJ TommyD, 8o8 makes whisky young again. It's a subtle blend, therefore it can be mixed with anything, breaking boundaries as to what whisky has been before. Mix it with citrus juices, coconut water or even Red Bull. The opportunities are literally endless.

808 whisky
PHOTO CREDIT: 8o8 Drinks

Burts Chips

Snacks are essential in the man cave, however nuts aren't for everyone. Whether it's due to allergies or simply not liking them, there has to be an alternative. Who doesn't like crisps? There might be the odd flavour you're not keen on, but let's be honest - everyone likes crisps. Burts Chips are some of the best out there right now, they're thick cut British crisps hand cooked in Devon. They've got a real crunch to them and come in a huge variety of flavours. They're enjoyed best with a cold beer, therefore in our opinion, they're a worthy addition to the man cave.

 burts chips

World of Zing

Ok so you've got crisps, but what do you need to go with crisps? Dip. Crisps are nothing without dip. Luckily, our friends over at the World of Zing came through with the goods. You better be ready for a bit of spice though - as the name implies their table sauces certainly bring the zing. Best served fresh out the bottle, get ready for an intense and exotic flavour combination that'll spice up a crisp everytime.

Check out World of Zing's entire range via their website.

world of zing copy
PHOTO CREDIT: World of Zing

Pure Speakers

If you're just chilling with the guys, or if you're pre drinking before a big night out, you're going to want some music to liven the place up a bit. The market for speakers is huge, so you have to make sure you're buying something that's going to last you and be loud enough to fill the room. Pure's Evoke H3 is a solid choice. Compact enough to not be bulky, yet loud enough for a small party it has everything you need. Bluetooth connectivity and a digital radio are also featured.

Check out the Pure Evoke H3 via Pure's website.

pure evoke h3

Redemption Brewery

Another one of our favourite London based breweries makes the list. This time it's our friends over at Redemption. They're super modern and know exactly the sort of beer a young and fashionable guy should be drinking. Crafted from the finest local ingredients and brewed locally in North London, we'd recommend trying a "Big Chief" as soon as you can. It's an IPA style beer packed full of Kiwi hops, you'll experience flavours such as honey, nectar, and tropical citrus fruits.

Check out the Big Chief and the rest of the Redemption range via their website.

redemption brewery
PHOTO CREDIT: Redemption Brewery

Falcon Enamelware Bowl Set

It's all well and good enjoying snacks such as the ones we've featured in your man cave, but do you really want to be that guy rustling the crisp packet every 5 minutes whilst your mates are trying to listen to the TV? We can assure you, you don't. Instead, why not serve snacks to your guests in these stylish and modern bowls? They're dishwasher safe too, so don't worry about that.

Check out all our stock of Falcon Enamelware via our website.

falcon enamelware bowls
PHOTO CREDIT: Falcon Enamelware

HUF Ash Tray

There's bound to be at least 1 smoker in amongst your friends, if not more. In which case your man cave needs a stylish ash tray. If there's no smokers, who cares, they look cool anyway. This ash tray by HUF is the perfect contender. 100% glass, and HUF branding in the form of a golden skull design.

Find this ashtray and much more via our website.

huf glass ash tray


Want to always be stocked up on the latest trendy beer without going to the hassle of finding a shop that sells the craft beer of your choice? Look no further than Alesbymail. You can handpick a selection of your favourite beers or have them chose you a surprise selection, whatever you prefer. Then all you have to do is wait! They'll hand deliver it to your door, so the whole experience is totally stress free.

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ales by mail logo
PHOTO CREDIT: Ales by Mail

On That Note

If you've got your very own man cave, and need to kit it out with the best drinks, snacks, and essentials, look no further. Hopefully we've covered pretty much all the essentials, and if you follow our lead you could have the best man cave out there. We're basically implying alcohol, snacks and music, but what else does a man really need?


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