8 Keyrings You Need in Your Life

8 Keyrings You Need in Your Life

They may be small, but your keys are probably one of the most important things you ever need to carry. Whether you're popping out to the shop or off on holiday the all important keys need to be kept safe. We have found the top eight stylish, functional, and just generally cool keyrings you need in your life.

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Native Union


This stylish Native Union keyring brings a modern, high tech approach to keeping your keys safe. In a world that's led by technology this key chain come phone charging cable is an absolute must have if you're a tech savvy nerd, even if you don't quite want to admit it. Available on The Idle Man store in both black and blue it will keep the keys together and the phone charged, if this has caught your eye, Native Union have many accessories that are made for functionality and ease.


Native Union - Luggage Cable


Not your most obvious keyring, in fact this 'luggage cable' can be suitable as a luggage tag and keeping your keys together. So, if a leather look is more of what you're after this tag also doubles up as a charging cable making all that more appealing as well as useful.




A different looking keychain is always a crowd pleaser so this silver metal cuff hits all areas of aesthetics. The unique design available in both silver and brass it can matched to your keys to strengthen that stylish look even more making is one of the best keychains available and the perfect gift idea.


Paul Smith


If you're after a bit more colour for your keys, Paul Smith do just the thing. There iconic and recognisable colour palette adds a pop of colour to any outfit so why not do the same for your keys. This strawberry skull keyring with the clip on fastener and leather material makes it easier when rummaging for the keys in the bottom of your bag.



If you want something a bit larger and easier to find after you've thrown your keys into your bag, this tri-fold keycase is for you. With spaces for five different keys and a metallic loop that can be fixed to a jacket pocket or the inside of a bag the organisation of your keys will save heaps of time. This unique keyring holder will not only keep the keys safe and dry but be functional if you are a nightmare with losing your keys.

J.L Lawson & Co

Respect brass bottle opener key chain
J.L Lawson bottle opening key ring

A bottle opening keyring is a useful feature that, in our opinion, should be on everyone's set of keys because who knows when you'll need to put it to use.This brass opener is attached to a leather strap making it ideal to hang off of a set of keys for both bottle opening practicality and not loosing those keys again.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Dinosaur keychain
Saint Laurent Dinosaur keychain
PHOTO CREDIT: Saint Laurent

If you're looking for something more quirky this dinosaur keychain by Saint Laurent will catch your eye. The bold design is one of the best designer keychains available right now and you can have it in both silver and green.



If you're always losing your keys somewhere around the house, in your bag or just in random places this extra long keychain will be the most useful investment to date. Attach Kikany's cool keychain to your clothes or bag and you're good to go, never to lose your keys again.

Top 8 Key Chains

  • Native Union are the go to brand if you're looking for a tech savvy accessory
  • Miansai give you that minimalist, stylish feel with their useful keyrings
  • Paul Smith adds a pop of colour and fun to your keys
  • Diesel have a sense of practicality to their designs
  • J.L Lawson combine their simple designs with addition, functional features
  • Saint Laurent gives you designer keychains that have a hint of fun and fashion
  • Kikany will make sure losing your keys never happens again


On That Note

Losing your keys is a hassle so investing in a fun, stylish or technological accessory will solve, some, of your problems. These cool keychains for men are practical and modern while adding a sense of fashion and innovation to your bunch of keys. The best keyrings mix good aesthetics with function designs so find the perfect one to suit you. Now you've found the best keychain its time to widen the accessory wardrobe to make life and style that little bit easier.


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