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Tinie Tempah, one of the UK's biggest artists gave us an exclusive playlist following the launch of his new clothing line and his new single. 

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Last week, The Idle Man was lucky enough to be invited down to Hoxton Docks, for the launch party of Disturbing London’s latest collaboration with Smart Mercedes. The event showcased the brand new collection of Smart Cars endorsed by Tinie Tempah alongside a selection of carefully selected talents from the music industry performing, the highlight being Grime artist “A2” throughout the evening. Celebrities attending the event included the likes of TV and singer Marvin Humes as well as a number of other very high profile names in the industry.

Disturbing London, the 360 entertainment company founded by Dumi Oburota and Tinie Tempah, and smart, the iconic car brand, today announce the launch of two unique smart BRABUS fortwo models; a luxe rose gold and black matt design with rose gold accents and exclusive leather interiors.

tinie tempah black t-shirt black shorts blue trainers mens street style

At the start of his career while recording the number one album Disc-Overy, Tinie Tempah opted to drive a smart BRABUS fortwo and kicked off a relationship between smart and Disturbing London that has gone from strength to strength.

Krishan Bodhani, Head of smart UK, said: “The two smarts that are the culmination of our collaboration with Disturbing London look incredible.  I am delighted we have been able to build on the already successful partnership we have with Disturbing London: it’s a testament to the authenticity and credibility of our relationship that we are able to offer a limited production run of smart Disturbing London special edition models that we know will appeal to our smart audience.”

tinie tempah smart car lauch night

To escape the hustle and bustle from the event, we were given the opportunity to sit down and chat with Tinie and he spoke to us about his Top 10 tracks he loves to listen to at the moment. Check out his Spotify playlist he made exclusively for The Idle Man below.



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