The Warehouse Project is Back for 2017

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The Warehouse Project is an iconic legacy in the world of clubbing and it has finally returned for 2017. We're previewing the whole season and showing you the calendar so you know which events to go to. Take a look below.

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Legacies in Manchester's music scene come few and far between. Bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Happy Monday's and The Verve have helped instil the North's affiliation with music for over 30 years. But that's just indie and rock music. Manchester's roots in dance music stretch back to the late 80's, when acid house filled clubs like The Haçienda, cementing Madchester's love story with dance forever.

2017 marks the 13th year of The Warehouse Project, a party legacy that stretches across 12 weeks of the year, bringing together the biggest names from dance music and grime. Some of these events have gone down in history, with names like Carl Cox, The Martinez Brothers and Jamie Jones gracing the decks of Store Street regularly. This year is no different, with the party organisers pulling out some of the biggest acts in the industry. Take a look at the WHP's history, this season's events and what it means to the city of Manchester.

For more information about The Warehouse Project head over to their website.

the warehouse project circus
The Warehouse Project's 2017 line up is unbelievable
PHOTO CREDIT: The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project's Legacy

Since its inception in 2006, WHP has always been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of music within the Northern Quarter. Not only have they brought worldwide talent to the area for over a decade, but they've brought together a community of dance music fanatics from all over the world too.

The Warehouse Project was initially started as a joint venture by Sacha Lord-Marchionne and Sam Kandel, who both had previous involvement with the Sankeys nightclub in Manchester. It began by throwing parties in the disused Boddingtons Brewery in Strangeways and then moved into Store Street - the now home of the WHP. From there, the WHP built up a cult-like following in Manchester, which spread across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

It is now easy to understand why the WHP has made such an impact on the world of music in such a short space of time. Their commitment to experimenting with new acts, as well as old, has created the perfect balance of crowd. It's why you'll see 21-year-olds in the same crowd as 40-year-olds. It's why you'll see hundreds of people leave the venue at 5am. It's why the WHP is so important for the culture of dance music as a whole.

the warehouse project opening
The WHP's commitment to the culture is second to none
PHOTO CREDIT: The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project to Artists

The opportunity to play at the WHP is something that many artists and DJs can only dream of. Having a crowd dancing at your every beat, bar and bassline is, for many, one of those opportunities that doesn't come around too often, especially in one of the world's most iconic venues.

We caught up with Mella Dee ahead of his performance at Annie Mac Presents to see what the WHP means to him and what it's like to play at the Manchester tunnels.

Mella Dee's 'Techno Disco Tools EP' is released 20th October on his label Warehouse Music. Preorder the album here.

What does the WHP mean to you as an artist?

It's a great chance to play to a really up for it crowd, in a venue where everything's on point and the line-ups are always incredible

How would you describe the WHP in 3 words?

Big bad & heavy

What does the WHP mean for dance music?

I think it's a great dance for crowds to see high quality line-ups across different sounds and styles from the top tier bigger artists to fresher acts, and that's never a bad thing.

mella dee
Mella Dee is performing at Annie Mac Present's at the WHP

The Warehouse Project Party Calendar

This year's WHP calendar is one of the best that we have seen to date. The likes of Paradise, Solardo Sessions, Knee Deep In Sound, ANTS, elrow, Annie Mac Presents as well as many more across a 12 week schedule is something that is not easily achieved. If that's not enough, this year will see some of the biggest line ups to date. Expect artists like Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Andrea Oliva, Patrick Topping, Giggs, Annie Mac, Hot Since 82 and MK to grace the stage, decks and microphones of the WHP.

The full party calendar is below so make sure that you pick your favourite events and try and get tickets now. Be quick however because once they're gone, they're gone.

This years WHP calendar is incredible, make sure you don't miss out
PHOTO CREDIT: The Warehouse Project

On That Note

The Warehouse Project's importance to Manchester, dance music and the music community is unprecedented. This year will see some of the biggest events, productions and acts from all over the globe head to the doors of Store Street to grace the stages. Not only is the WHP a cultural icon but it is something that keeps the music community glued together. There is no divide, no inhibitions and no sense of imposing once you're in the Picadilly Tunnels. Community runs freely for the WHP, so remember "for twelve weeks, this city is ours."


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