The Revival Of Old Sportsbrands

The Revival Of Old Sportsbrands

It's impossible to walk down the high street and not see the array of sports luxe trends on offer. Many of these brands have seen their day, yet they have made their way back. So, why are they so popular again? 

Whilst some people are confused about why these sporting fashion trends are making a comeback, others are appreciating their new designs and rebranding. The majority of the sports luxe brands roaming the streets today have already been worn for their intended purpose - for playing sports in - and have also already had been a popular street style. For instance, Reebok was founded in 1952 and has since seen its purpose in the world of sport but has also rocked the streets on two major comebacks including the '90s when their pumps were a 'must have'.


Once a brand which people a few years ago may have laughed at, is now one of the 'cool' sporting brands dominating the streets. The team behind the brand have been producing a range of athletic wear for decades. During the 80's an athletics boom hit the people and Reebok was at the center of it, thinking of something which no other brand had thought about, shoes. Reebok's shoes, trainers and pumps became incredibly popular following into the 90's selling 20 million shoes worldwide.

Reebok now has a range of '90s Roots styles which mimic the '90's styles that were popular, recreating them again during the brand's second coming. Not only purposely recreating their popular style, but their original classic collection has also bounced up in sales recently becoming a popular choice for their retro appeal.


Once popular with football hooliganism across Europe, Kappa began as an Italian sportswear brand. Born out of socks and underwear, and made uncool by the notorious Vicky Pollard, the sports brand has recently seen a growth in popularity once again. Endorsed by the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Brooklyn Beckham, Kappa has regained credibility on the streets and their new range shows their retro beginnings with influences by modern fashion trends. Creating sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms, and casual t-shirts, their sporting gear is more designed for the purpose of fashion rather than sport. So instead of thinking of Kappa as old and lost, it's time to rediscover Kappas new vibrant range.

You can find our all new Kappa range here.


Once a technical sportswear manufacturer beginning in 1919, Champion has revived itself almost solely as a streetwear brand. Having its first hit of popularity in the '90s, Champion has since created a whole range of 'athleisure' in recent years with their latest collection. Champion promotes itself as the trendsetter of athleisure, always regenerating to keep itself ready for tomorrow. Proud of their brand, the signature 'C' is a symbol of authenticity, embraced by all who are creative. Now returning on the shoulders of youths walking down the streets, it's like Champion never lost its way.

Check out our Champion collection here.


Born in northern Italy, FILA has been the face of tennis for many years with stars such as Bjorn Borg being a fan of the brand's clean white gear. Then in 1986, Reinhold Messner wore a specially designed, high-tech mountain gear by FILA when he reached the summit of Mount Everest. The brand has always represented itself with performance and sophistication, purposely designing their ranges over the years to be 'vintage but never conventional'. However, FILA's streetwear trend was started off by teenage adolescents in the '80s. Now reappearing on our streets the millennials have adopted FILA as their own. If FILA wasn't cool back in those P.E. days at school, it sure is now.

Check out our FILA Black Line here.


Once known all across Europe, Ellesse is bringing its bold logo back onto those plain white-t's. After Boris Becker plunged the brand into success with his Wimbledon title in 1985, the brand found popularity during the '90s with its sweatshirts but now is loved by the vintage seeking generation of today. The brand has never gone through many changes and still looks as it did right from the very beginning, holding onto its original pieces only tweaking them to keep them contemporary for today's trends.

Still seen as a popular sporting clothing line, worn by tennis players, Ellesse is slowly making its way into streetwear with bags and jackets. Now in partnership with ASOS, it's hard to miss the return of Ellesse.

With the revival trends happening all the time, are Generation Z just trying to find their way? Are they trying to discover their identity by embracing old trends? Well, does it truly matter? As whilst these retro brands continue releasing clothes that we love, we're going to keep buying and appreciating their never-ending trends.



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