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It can be a track, a gig, a piece of art or absolutely anything. We're taking a look at the moments when artists realised they were going to dedicate their lives to music.

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Following the release of his brand new track Love Divine, we catch up with English DJ and producer Nick Douwma aka Sub Focus. In his new production, he brings forward a 90s jungle and house inspired with a modern take. It's in those musical influences that we can trace our way back to the beginning of his career. Read on to find out all about some of the key moments that sparked Nick's love for music. This is Sub Focus' moment.

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Sub Focus

It's always interesting to dig through the musical memory of DJs and producers, especially when they've been making music for decades. Here are some of the crucial moments that Nick shared with us.

Not unlike many musicians and electronic producers, everything started off with synths. "When I was a kid of around 7 or 8 I can remember playing on a family friend’s synth keyboard and being fascinated by it - just messing around for hours on headphones going through presets. I really had no idea I wanted to do anything with music at the time but it was probably the first indication I can remember that I loved synths and making sounds. Having amassed a big knowledge of vintage synths in the intervening years, I’d really love to know what that keyboard was that first captured my imagination but I will probably never know".

Later on he joined a rock band whilst being in school, but it was really dance music and 90s jungle in particular that blew him away. "I can remember a guy I knew putting on a jungle cassette on the tape player on a break at school, Incredible by General Levy and M-Beat came on and it just blew my mind. The sub bass, the speeded up breaks and rapping just sounded totally alien and new to me. This was around the same time I was starting to hear Prodigy - Jilted Generation and early Chemical Brothers fusing rock influences with dance music, which were like a gateway from guitar music to something I found way more exciting".

It wasn't too long after that that Nick started making his own music and used jungle as a source of inspiration when producing. "I started making basic jungle tracks on an old Acorn computer. The software on it was so basic and unsuited to the task. I had to arrange the breakbeats and melodies using classical notation, which as anyone who has dabbled in dance music production will know is completely nuts!"

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