The Magic Roundabout: The Final Transformation

The Magic Roundabout: The Final Transformation

Whether you’re a London local or passing through the manic city. It is no unknown fact that London does not disappoint when it comes to the social scene of eating and drinking.  From historically rich pubs where the pints are always flowing, to cereal café’s that allow you to devour the sugar loaded treats your parents never approved.

Since June 2015 The Magic Roundabout has remained on the local’s list of a guaranteed good night.  To keep the spark alive over the years, The Magic Roundabout has transformed and embodied many themes.  Yet, The Magic Roundabout has pulled one more rabbit out the hat with a final transformation into Fiesta Del Magia.

Fiesta Del Magia is now providing a complete distraction from the bordering negative temperatures over the fast-approaching Winter.  It has become a smoking hot slice of Latin America and is the perfect escape from reality.

The primary dance floor has become a complete fiesta, where many attempts of Salsa dancing are prompted by DJ’s and encouraged by the contagious cultural atmosphere.  Yet, your conversations don’t have to be shouted over a heavy bass.  A hidden chapel is decked out to confess your sins and perhaps sneak an OOTD.

Frida’s onsite cocktail bar is the cosiest space in The Magic Roundabout.  With a combination of booth, low level and dining table seating.  The artsy designs and surrounding cacti have you feeling like your drinking cocktails at Frida Khalo's iconic home in Mexico.

The Magic Roundabout era is coming to a close due to the redevelopment of Old Street Station and roundabout.  So, you have until January 1st 2019 to stumble into the Fiesta Del Magia on your Old Street bar crawl and experience the final theme in all its glory.

Opening times:
Mon & Tues CLOSED (except for special events)
Weds 4pm-11pm
Thurs 12pm-11pm
Fri 12pm-11pm
Sat 12m-11pm
Sun 1pm- 10pm

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