The Idle Man's 2017 Halloween Top Picks

The Idle Man's 2017 Halloween Top Picks

It's finally that time of year when the summer clothes are stored away and the heavy knits and warm coats make yet another appearance. However, for us, the beginning of Autumn means only one thing... Halloween! We've selected our favourite Halloween top picks of the year to share with you.

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You're never too old to get stuck into the Halloween spirit (pun intended). This year, we have gone in search of the best Halloween products about that will ensure you have as much fun as the kids. Check out our Top Picks below for some great, boozy treats...

Goslings Rum & Ginger Beer

Let's start off the Top Picks with a kick. Goslings have created a full-of-flavour Bermuda Black Rum which packs a punch and a half. This Goslings Black Seal Rum is famous for making one particular drink/ cocktail: The Dark 'n Stormy®. This drink is an infusion of the Goslings Black Seal Rum and Goslings stormy Ginger Beer. It sounds simple, which it is, but it's also incredibly rich, warm and mouthwatering - all you need from a winter or Halloween cocktail. To make this cocktail, simply build the rum and ginger beer in a glass and add a lime wedge to garnish - easy.

The Dark 'n Stormy® cocktail, as you may have noticed, is trademarked, meaning you can only call the drink a Dark 'n Stormy® if it is made using the Goslings Rum. So, now you have no excuse to not get your hands on it, you can mix up this perfect concoction for your Halloween celebrations. If you don't like to celebrate, or you're a Halloween Scrooge of sorts, at least make yourself one, or a few, of these drinks to block out the trick or treaters.

Find your perfect bottle of Goslings over on their website.

Goslings Black Seal Rum

The Whisky Exchange

If you take away anything from our Halloween Top Picks, let it be the discovery of The Whisky Exchange. They quite literally have everything you'll ever need, if, like us, all you ever need is a good drink in your hand.

The Whisky Exchange, a family business founded in 1999, stock an incredibly impressive 9,500 products on their website, including alcohol of every kind, bar and cocktail accessories, chocolates and more. In addition to this, they have a large two-floor store in Covent Garden that sells a huge variety of Whiskeys Champagnes and spirits as well as hosting tasting events for their customers. When it comes to Halloween drink, they don't fall short. Their Halloween edit ranges from skull glasses to pumpkin spiced and chocolate cream liqueurs. Selecting just one of their products for our Top Picks proved impossible, so naturally, we chose three.

Dona Celia Blanco

First up, we have quite possibly the coolest tequila we have ever seen. It's also the creepiest, which seems only fitting for our Halloween Top Picks. The Whisky Exchange brings us Dona Celia Blanco tequila, from the Casa Maestri distillery. It's packaged in an extraordinary painted ceramic Mexican Catrina style figure which is guaranteed to be the talk of the table this Halloween. Dona Celia comes in three different tequila types, each with different bottle designs, so you can have your pick of the show-stopper for your Halloween night.

Dona Celia Blanco Tequila
PHOTO CREDIT: The Whisky Exchange

Tiki Skull Shot Glass

Every tequila should be accompanied by a killer shot glass, and trust us when we say this one is deadly. The Tiki Skull Shot Glass is, as you can imagine, shaped as a skull and holds 90ml, which by our books, is a pretty damn big shot. However, if you are braver than we evidently are, this one is for you. 

Made of glass, the Tiki Skull Shot Glasses are the perfect alcohol accessory, not only suitable for Halloween but for all year round. They will make a great partner to the Dona Celia Tequila - a deadly duo. These shot glasses are sold individually, so make sure you stock up on enough for the whole table.

Tiki Skull Shot Glasses
PHOTO CREDIT: The Whisky Exchange

Monin Syrup

Would any autumn season be the same without a pumpkin spiced latte? We think not. Don't worry, you don't have to trek all the way to Starbucks for an expensive fix of this festive drink, you can now make one right in the comfort of your own homes. In fact, thanks to Monin, you can make any spiced pumpkin drink your heart desires - yes, this includes cocktails. You could even use it as a key ingredient to any confectionary you're sprucing up for the spooky season.

Monin creates syrups in more flavours than you'll ever need, but in true Halloween spirit, we have selected their Pumpkin Spice flavour for our Top Picks. If pumpkin spice doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of other festive flavours you can get creative with such as blood orange (appropriate), salted caramel, gingerbread and apple pie.

For all three of these products, head over to The Whisky Exchange website.

Monin Syrups
PHOTO CREDIT: The Whisky Exchange

Day of the Dead Beer Range

Beers are a staple for life - no questions asked. This Halloween, there's little point in necking your usual tinnies with your mates: instead, get your hands on a festive, spooky-ish beer. These Day of the Dead craft beers are created by a Mexican manufacturer (that's a given, right?) and come in a range of exciting and intriguing flavours. These beers are created to celebrate this traditional Mexican holiday, but in true British style, we will happily enjoy these all-year round.

A pack of six will give you a combination of Pale Ale, Blond Ale, Amber Ale, Hefeweizen, Porter and India Pale Ale, with notes of soft toffee and caramel, coffee, chocolate, and spice. We loved both the taste and packaging of the beers and found they made a for a great drink when drinking with a group of people - it's inevitable that you'll end up trying every other bottle of the range, with or without permission.

Head over to the importers' website for more information or check out Beers Of Europe to shop the range.

Day Of The Dead Beers
PHOTO CREDIT: Day Of The Dead Beers

The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery create and design the most delicious cakes at every point of the year, however, we are particularly fond of their special Halloween editions. This year, running from the 6th October through until the 31st October, The Hummingbird Bakery is bringing back their scarily good Halloween cupcakes and layer cakes. Coming in flavours of red velvet, chocolate and vanilla, these cupcakes are decorated to perfection; their designs of bats, a mummy, a ghost, a broomstick, witch’s legs and a monster will blow your mind (and tastebuds).

If these aren't seasonal enough for you, check out The Hummingbird Bakery's pumpkin range. The pumpkin pies are available all year round (for which we are thankful) but the Pumpkin Cheesecakes and Whoopie Pies are Halloween specials. If you're having a party and you're baking skills aren't up to scratch, their layer cakes are spot on. The best part? You can have it all ordered straight to your house. Whether you're ordering a few single cupcakes or a cupcake box of 5 and multiple Pumpkin Pies (no judgement zone), you can be assured that they'll be delivered in one piece.

Order your Halloween treats now on The Hummingbird Bakery website.

The Hummingbird Bakery Halloween Cupcakes
PHOTO CREDIT: Benjamin C. M. Backhouse For The Hummingbird Bakery

The Bitter Truth

So, it turns out you don't have to be a cocktail connoisseur to create drinks with all sorts of flavours - I mean, let's face it, having a bar in our homes filled with ingredients is quite simply a distant dream. Thankfully, The Bitter Truth has come to our attention to fulfil these dreams with their perfect travelling set of bitters.

For those of you who aren't too aware of what bitters are or do, we'll break it down for you. Bitters are the seasoning of a cocktail. Much like you'd add salt, pepper, paprika etc to your food for flavour, you can add a few drops of bitter to your drink. The best part about bitters is that there is no limit to the flavours you can add, and this is something which The Bitter Truth have nailed. Peach, tonic, olive, chocolate and cucumber are only some of the flavours they offer, all available in convenient bottles. So, this year, why not impress your guests with a weird and wonderful Halloween cocktail... just don't let them in on the secret.

Find all of your bitters over at The Bitter Truth website.

The Bitter Truth Bitters

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason are prepared for every occasion of the year and Halloween is no exception. Their famous hampers now come in two adaptations ready for Halloween's festivities.

We, at Idle, love the Wicked Wicker Halloween Hamper, filled with Fortnum & Mason's top Halloween treats - who said that pumpkin marshmallows and skeleton chocolates should only be reserved for kids? Inside your hamper, you'll find an incredibly moreish pack of Cinnamon Spice Fine Biscuits (great with a strong cuppa), Pumpkin Marshmallows (an absolute guilty pleasure), Halloween Milk Chocolate Slims (it's hard to stay slim with these) and a Pumpkin Praline Stick Pack (which almost look too good to eat... almost).

If you're looking for a way to get your friends or family involved this Halloween, head over to one of Fortnum & Masons pumpkin carving classes based at their Piccadilly flagship. These will be running between the 25th and 27th October, with prizes at the end of the classes - you'll want a prize, trust us.

Head over to the Fortnum & Mason website for more.

The Wicked Wicker Hamper
PHOTO CREDIT: Fortnum & Mason

The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Whiskey

'In the 1700's, The Oak Devil stood over the entrance to The Dublin Liberties inciting mayhem and damnation within the quarter known as hell.'
If all the sweetness of Halloween is giving you a headache, perhaps it's time to look into a festive rich and warming-from-within tipple instead. The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil brings you just this; the Irish whiskey presents itself in a dark moody bottle with the devil embossed on the front - perfect for Halloween.
The whiskey itself is has been described as having 'dark fruits and wood on the nose' and the palate 'rich with caramel and Christmas cake smooth with a peppery twist on the finish'. This whiskey is a non-chill-filtered 46% blend of malt and grain whiskies, which has been aged for many years in selected bourbon oak casks, supplying it with its intense flavour.
Drinking straight whiskey may be a touch too much for a Halloween party, so take a look at The Dublin Liberties Devil Smash cocktail recipe which is easy to recreate anywhere, anytime (after 5 pm, obviously...)
  • Form the cocktail in a Collins Glass.
  • Add 50ml of The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil with 12.5ml honey syrup (1 part honey to 1 part hot water to dissolve).
  • Add 6-8 activated mint leaves (clap them in your hands to release the flavour) and 2 wedges of lemon.
  • Fill up the glass with crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of mint to garnish.

Find out more about The Dublin Liberties on their website.

The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Whiskey
PHOTO CREDIT: The Dublin Liberties

The Cocoa Den At Tabl

We all love chocolate, and festive holidays give us a real excuse to tuck into it with zero regrets. Easter and Christmas are big contenders when it comes to 'fun chocolate', although, we feel Halloween really takes the biscuit on this one. There's something about the art of smashing in a beautifully decored skull that fills us with thrill and excitement, however, this is probably only deemed as sane when done at this time of the year.

So, without further ado, let us introduce The Cocoa Den, a boutique London-based chocolatier. They create wonderfully creative chocolate products including chocolate lego for kids and chocolate swearing hands for adults (check out their website, you need to see this). Celebrating Halloween, they have created chocolate skulls which are just as much fun to cave in as they are to eat. These delicious skulls are available in a small size or a hefty life-size for all you crazy people out there.

If you want to get your hands around one of these, we employ you to check out Tabl. Tabl is the go-t0 site for everything food and every one foodie. Their mission is to introduce to you all of the foods you never knew you wanted, and these Cocoa Den skulls are no exception. You can shop all kinds of foods from sweets to meats on Tabl, as well as the discovery of the latest and greatest recipes around.

Head over to the Tabl website to discover so, so much more.

The Cocoa Den Handcrafted Skull

What To Do

The Exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre

This is perhaps the scariest but most exciting Top Pick to date as the Phoenix Theatre brings us the theatrical adaptation of The Exorcist. As we're sure many of you know - and if you don't, now you will - The Exorcist, first a novel, written in 1971 by William Peter Blatty, was transformed to the big screens in 1973 by William Friedkin. The film version became a massive hit, shocking and terrifying people with its gruesome nature, resulting in it landing a spot in the top ten highest grossing films of all time.

Now, the horror will unleash onto the stage of the Phoenix Theatre as John Pielmeier brings the theatrical version to London. Directed by Sean Mathias, The Exorcist promises to fill you with terror as the show is presented to the West End for the first time ever. With a limited run from the 20th October 2017 through until the 10th March 2018, you would be absolutely mad to see this, but even madder to miss it.

The Exorcist is quite possibly the best thing you can do this Halloween. If not, take someone there on a first date - hold handing is inevitable.

Secure your place at this must-see show here.

The Exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre
PHOTO CREDIT: The Exorcist

GAIL's Bakery

If you're a family man looking to fill the half-term holidays with fun things to entertain your kids (and get them off your hands for a bit), then check out the Halloween events that GAIL's Bakery are hosting. Starting on the 23rd October, GAILS's bakery will be running Halloween biscuit decorating workshops designed for children under 10. The best part? The classes are free.

Whilst they get stuck into the decorating, you can enjoy a feast of GAILS's incredible and famous loaves of bread, as well as breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea foods. These events will be held across their London bakeries: 23rd October - Farhham, 24th October - Summertown, Oxford and Seymour Place, 25th October - Jericho, Oxford, Temple Fortune and Hove and 26h October - Pimlico and Highgate.

Book your slot now over at GAIL's website.

GAIL's Bakery Half Term Event

On That Note

This year, you don't need any excuse to do Halloween in style. With our top picks, you can make the best Halloween cocktail and throw some pretty spooky parties with our chosen adult-friendly products. We refuse to let the kids have all the fun! If this sounds up your street, but the thought of dressing up in a hideous costume and covering yourself in fake blood sends shivers down your spine, check out our store so you can at least look cool this season.


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