The Idle Man Interviews Peking Duk

The Idle Man Interviews Peking Duk

Last Saturday Peking Duk took over London once again as part of their 2018 Europe and UK tour.  Prior to their show, we had the pleasure of talking to Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, the two Australians who make up the electronic music duo.

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Peking Duk have returned to Europe with the release of their epic new EP project, REPRISAL. This is a body of work consisting of two new tracks, ‘Fire’ and ‘Distant Arizona’ feat. Cloud Control, accompanied by an incredible cinematic video.  The short film represents influences from Spaghetti Westerns and Tarantino films, as well as cameos from friends and fellow musicians.  These influences have enabled the production to mirror a theme of vengeance and retribution.  Watch and listen HERE.

REPRISAL arrived when Peking Duk announced their 9-stop European tour, with dates throughout September 2018 in Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and more.

Reuben Styles from Peking Duk at Electric Brixton
PHOTO CREDIT: @ed_whitmarsh

On Saturday the 8th of September, Peking Duk brought their much-loved live show back to our capital city.  Last year they sold-out at KOKO Camden, and this year they took over Electric Brixton.  They had those of London shaken with an incredible live show and with a guest appearance from AlunaGeorge. They have well and truly taken the continent by storm so far, and here is what they had to say about it backstage:

You have officially sold out the Electric Brixton, did you expect this?

Adam: Yeah it is sick.  I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. The last time we were in London we did two gigs.  One was at the Garage and that sold out instantly, and then we put on the show at KOKO Camden and that also sold out instantly. But the KOKO gig was run by promoters – so we couldn’t really gauge how many tickets we could sell in London this time around. But, this time it was all us – and we have sold out!

You are four days into the tour, what has been your impression of the UK crowd so far?

Adam: F***ing sick, Manchester was crazy.  I see why they call it MADchester, they were going f***ing mental.  Everyone was jumping the entire show.  Chester has definitely gone mad.  We have done Dublin, Bristol after that, which was sick, and it is all kind of blurring into one.  But Manchester tops it all so far. I reckon tonight will be a f***ing smoker.

Rueben: Manchester for sure was one of the craziest shows.  It was pretty small as well, but they gave us their all and we had to reciprocate that. They behaved like it was a festival of 20,000 people and acted like The Beatles had just come back.  It was such a good feeling, good vibes in the air, that’s for sure.

If you could take one thing from the UK back to Australia what would it be?

Adam: Definitely the vibe amongst the cultures.  There are so many different cultures.  Even in London, you walk around here, there are Indians, Asians, Caribbean people – every kind of person you can think of.  Everyone is together as one and working together as one, there is no segregation.

Rueben:  I agree, everyone here can gel in big numbers.  This city has what 20 million people?  Sydney is already f***ed and over it.  Sydney cannot deal with its occupancy and people cannot manage to share the space.  So, I guess it is the way of the people.  If we could bring that back it would be amazing.  British people are sick.

Are you guys releasing an EP? You would be due for an Album.

Adam: We may be releasing an EP.  At the moment we have scrapped the idea for an album, we are kind of like, f*** the idea of albums right now.  What we are working on wouldn’t really work for an album.  I feel if we were to do an album the idea would get slept on.  We are not in the point in our career yet where we think everyone is gritting their teeth waiting for a Peking Duk album.

Rueben: Although an album right now can be pretty much anything you want.  It could just be a collection of tunes.  I feel we need to wait until it is the right time, so we have that platform to actually launch off and it sours itself – rather than us trying to force it.

What is your favourite song which you have done?

Adam: Distant Arizona, that will be played tonight.

Rueben: Hands down I agree, Distant Arizona for sure.

What is on the scope for the future of Peking Duk?

Adam: Definitely keep your eyes peeled for new music and new shows.

Rueben: Yes, new music and new shows are coming everywhere. Coming worldwide.

What is one Aussie snack you would bring on tour with you?

Adam: Vegemite, I love Vegemite. Although I think I may have had Marmite twice, but I can’t remember the flavour.  I think it was pretty similar to Vegemite, and Vegemite is the shit.

Rueben: If Marmite is anything like vegemite – then it is absolutely f***ed. I would have to say Tim Tams.

What is your favourite beer in the UK?

Adam: My favourite UK beer is Kronenbourg. I know they are French.  But last time we were here I was getting f***ed up off Kronenbourg’s and it just reminds me of good times.

Rueben: Fosters! I mean that is the one thing I would take back to Australia, as well as the culture.  It would definitely be Fosters, as there is definitely none in Canberra.  VB is also a favourite.  Or even, Ferfi, it is like Carlton Draught meets VB.  It is by Little Creatures.  F*** craft beer though, it can f*** off.  Craft beer is a meal in a cup.  If I want to eat, I will eat.

A very wild sold-out crowd at Electric Brixton
PHOTO CREDIT: @ed_whitmarsh

This interview showed us that Peking Duk are true Australians.  They were so welcoming and put on such an incredible show.  The atmosphere was insane, as is their relationship with their fans. They are icons within Australia and practically a household name.

Peking Duk have performed to crowds of over 80,000 people and have reached 180 million streams globally to date. With a 2017 ARIA Award for ‘Song Of The Year’ under their belt and their most recent single ‘Wasted’ now ARIA Gold accredited with over 10 million streams already worldwide, this is just the beginning for Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles. They will continue to turn the heads worldwide and definitely will continue to grow their international audience.


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