The Four Types Of Layering

The Four Types Of Layering

Winter is coming and this means frosty mornings with plenty of rain, wind chills and a chance of snow if we're even lucky. At this time of year, it's easy to just throw a coat over a basic outfit and be done with it as the cold weather tends to drain all effort from us. However, with a little more thought and style, you can still be comfortable, warm and leave people impressed with your outfit. So don't feel blue that the weather is only going to get worse from now on. Embrace the temperature dropping and the rest of Britain becoming increasingly miserable - it's Winter!

Winter time fashion trends look great in theory but less in reality. In the magazines and editorials you've got the perfectly groomed man strutting down the street in an open coat and thin scarf, seemingly oblivious to the falling snow around him waiting for his friend to get him the perfect instagram photo. Paints a pretty different picture to the reality of shoving your numb hands in your coat while you wait for the bus.

Still, there is an achievable line between editorial shoots and that miserable commute to work. A bit of clever layering can keep you warm and looking good. It's easier than you might think, follow this style guide and you'll keep your core temperature in the pluses which is always a bonus right?

How to Layer Clothes

Layering isn't tricky. In fact, everyone does it pretty much every day. The moment you throw a jacket over a t-shirt you're technically layering, but it can take a bit more to get you through winter. Unlike Summer or Autumn layering, the more pieces you're using, the harder it gets to keep everything looking put together.

This doesn't mean the only way to create a good winter outfit is to spend hours piecing it all together, but a little more care can make a big difference to your overall look. You're going to need three layers to keep you snug. The first is called the base layer, the second - the insulating layer, and the third is the protection layer. You can add more if you're dealing with seriously cold weather, but three is standard.

Base Layer

So let's start with the base layer. This needs to be something that's soft against your skin, is versatile enough to match with the other two layers, and won't leave you sweating. Something made from 100% cotton is a good idea, as it allows your skin to breath and ensures you don't trap any excess moisture. If you're dealing with really cold temperatures a long sleeved top might be necessary, but for the most part, you'll be fine with a short sleeved design.



Insulation Layer

The insulation layer is to trap the heat in (obviously). So materials like variations of wool, which have good insulation properties make for an ideal second layer. A jumper or sweatshirt will do the job, some knitwear might also be a good choice depending if that's your outer layer on a dry day. A jumper can be versatile, you can dress up and dress down a jumper, making it a good option for daytime as well as in the evening. 


Protection Layer

On simpler days the protection layer should be made from a breathable material so you're keeping in the heat rather than moisture. Avoid anything made from synthetic materials, they'll make you sweat up a storm, go instead for a natural fibre such as wool and cotton. A lighter jacket can be worn to keep yourself warm, quilted jackets are a great way to stay wrapped but not have lots of heavy materials weighing you down.

For those less simple days, ie. rainy days, you'll need something that's either thick, waterproof or windproof, and if you can get all three in one you'll be ready to tackle the storm.


What To Wear

So now that you're aware of the basics of layering it's time to move on to what to actually wear in the winter time. Whether you're more of a minimalist guy who shies away from lots of colour and patterns, or someone who embraces it, there's plenty of winter styles you can go for. Having some basics in your wardrobe, whether they're in the form of sweaters, base layers or coats, it's going to help you complete your outfit in record time in the mornings and save you unnecessary faffing.


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