The Carribean Comes to East London with Wray & Nephews Yard Shop

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With autumn well and truly upon us, Wray & Nephew's Rum has decided to bring the Carribean vibes into the city. Their new pop up shop is dedicated to bringing the culture of Jamaica into East London. Take a look at what is in store now.

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Autumn has well and truly set in and with the darker weather looming on us every day, we need some sunshine and cocktail vibes. Nobody really wants to be commuting home in a coat, thinking about how summer has faded away. We need some good music, some good drinks and some even better vibes to keep our spirits up in London. Thankfully, our dear friends over at Wray & Nephew have decided the same.

The traditional Carribean rum makers will be launching their Yard Shop at Protein Studios on the 19th October. The event aims to bring a slice of the tropics into a small corner of East London. What you can expect from the pop up is Jamaican food, drinks and music, as we celebrate Carribean culture for a few days. Take a look below to see what the events have got in store.

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wray and nephew rum bottle-min
Wray & Nephew have been making traditional rum for years
PHOTO CREDIT: Wray & Nephew

Not many places in the world that can throw a party like the Carribean. Beautiful weather, sandy beaches and great music make for a perfect trifecta of celebrating and what's better than doing it with rum? Wray & Nephew are celebrating Jamaican culture at the Protein Studios in this exact way, bringing the Yard Shop to a small corner of the capital.

The Yard Shop is the brands way of throwing a party and giving the world a glimpse of how things are on the other side of the world. You can expect some of the finest food, games, music and, of course, rum to be flowing across the 19th-21st October. Radio 1xtra DJ Kenny Allstar will be gracing the decks, providing the best in dancehall and afrobeats. He will be joined by Knot and New Maroons, as well as many others.

wray and nephew t-shirt and drink wrays yard shop flyer

We can't wait to get down and celebrate in the Carribean way. Make sure you head down from the 19th-21st October and be sure to sample the finest rum by Wray & Nephew. We'll see you there!


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