The Best Restaurants In Covent Garden

The Best Restaurants In Covent Garden

You may think you know London like the back of your hand, but there are always places left for you to discover. That's why we do the 'hard' work for you and explore the best restaurants around. This time, our search has taken us to Covent Garden...

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Cantina Laredo

10 Upper St Martin’s Lane, St Martin’s Courtyard, London, WC2H 9FB

Cantina Laredo's Interior
PHOTO CREDIT: Cantina Laredo


We have absolutely fallen in love with Covent Gardens new biggest and brightest Mexican restaurant, Cantina Laredo. We're sure you share that feeling of continuously looking for a restaurant that you can recommend to your friends and your friends’ friends. Well, look no further - we have done the ‘hard’ work and found it for you...

Guacamole and Tequila Bar

If you love guacamole anything like we do, then you’ll share the dream of being able to sit in a Mexican restaurant and have the option of eight different homemade guacamole’s served right to your table. One better, you can have them made right in front of your hungry eyes. Have you ever wondered what goes best with guacamole? Let us tell you: tequila. Tequila goes best with guacamole, which is why Cantina Laredo has created London's first, specially trailered Guacamole and Tequila Bar, catering for the cries of the people, dedicated to guacamole and tequila alone. These guacamoles are made by their in-house 'Guacamaestro' (our new favourite word), which are theatrically created in front of you, with the choice of one - or a few - of 'The Great Eight Guacamoles'. What more could anyone want from the newest, most modern dining destination in Covent Garden?

Cantina Laredo's Crab Guacamole
PHOTO CREDIT: Cantina Laredo


Cantina Laredo is the go-to destination for modern Mexican food. With avocados massively on the trend, they promise to serve you the best guacamole you’ve ever tried; as their signature dishes, you won’t be disappointed. We have tried a lot of guacamole’s in our time, and if you take one thing away from this review, let it be that you will never experience a guacamole like a Cantina Laredo guacamole.

Their mains offer a huge variety of food from tacos to enchiladas and every sharing plate in between. You can choose whether you have an array of plates to try and share or whether you'd rather have a more traditional main dish with sides. This menu provides exquisite innovations of traditional dishes that leave you satisfied but still craving more.

The Space

The space of the restaurant is huge, with different areas allocated for the a la carte menu, the Guacamole and Tequila Bar and the private dining area. Always buzzing, from 6:00 pm onwards, you can expect crowds from couples on dates to work do’s as Cantina Laredo attracts them all.

Cantina Laredo's Dishes
PHOTO CREDIT: Cantina Laredo

Check out their website and be sure to book your new favourite Mexican dining experience now.

Bunga Bunga

167 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5PG

Bunga Bunga, Covent Garden
PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Stephens Photography


Bunga Bunga is an all singing, all dancing, extravaganza of a dining experience, and I can count on it being nothing like you have ever experienced in central London before. Now, I know you may be wondering if this is a venue filled with overly cheerful women- it's not. Bunga Bunga was packed with both males and females, all there to dine amongst the hilarity of the variety show that performs around your table.


Covent Garden is a vibrant destination for shoppers, diners and theatre lovers alike. People flock there to experience both the high-end stores, as well as to visit the authentic market stalls and exciting street performers.

Situated right beneath the BungaTINI restaurant, you enter Bunga Bunga through a secret door located at the back. Expect the unexpected as you walk through the door to find yourself stood in a meat locker, kept under the watchful eye of a 'Butcher'. If you're lucky enough to pass the Butcher, which, thank god, we were, you'll be faced with the grand marble staircase, lit with an impressive chandelier, leading down beneath the streets to the restaurant.

Bunga Bunga, Covent Garden
PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Stephens Photography


With a theme of old-school Italian Glamour, you'll find the interior is an impressive representation of a 'fun Italy'. 'Naughty' Roman statues sit in the walls, fairly lights hang along the ceiling, the floor and tables are made of polished wood and the restaurant lighting is fit for the West End. If there is a large group of you, book yourselves in for the life-size boat table where you'll be in for many performance close-ups.

One highly impressive feature of the restaurant was the toilets. Hear me out. Despite there being a sound recording of two people...ahem... 'cuddling' through the speakers, there is an impressive replica of the Trevi Fountain to wash your hands in. Overall, The interior went hand in hand with the waiters dressed in white dinner jackets- the real deal!


If one thing's for sure, it's that there's certainly not a lack of atmosphere in Bunga Bunga. Each night they put on a different show, with performances of Burlesquoni, Bunga Broadway, a Matinee Brunch, No Place Like RomeVariety ShowThe Italian Job and Karaoke Covent Garden. The tongue-in-cheek acts will take you through the night whilst you sip your way through their innovative cocktail menu. With all of these nights choose from, you're bound to find something you and your friends can enjoy.

We can guarantee your night at Bunga Bunga will have you laughing, cringing and toe-tapping all evening. We would definitely suggest you go with a larger group of people who you can share the experience (and cocktails) with.

Bunga Bunga, Covent Garden
PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Stephens Photography


Whilst you watch the show you can tuck into your sharing set menus. These are made up of light Italian foods for starters, with their famous metre long pizza board for the main. The staff were all friendly with both waiters and performers adding to the experience of your evening whilst they whizz around you in song and dance (there are breaks in the show for you to enjoy your company).

You have the option of a sharing menu for £28 pp or £38 pp which has a little more food selection. The Bunga Bunga cocktail menu has a wide selection of signature and sharing Italian themed cocktails with names of 'Who’s da Wise Guy?' and 'The Whack Job', amongst others.



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