The 5 Best Stag Do Ideas You Need to See

The 5 Best Stag Do Ideas You Need to See

Stag parties have gone from a few drinks in the local to week round trips to the Las Vegas strip in a very short space of time. This guide will help you decide where to take either yourself or your best mate on their last night of freedom.

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Stag Do’s don’t have the best reputations. Groups of boys heading out to the local town and causing havoc is probably the image you garner when thinking of Stag Dos, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, if you’re after something a little different, rather than ending up being tied to a lamppost with a traffic cone on top of your head, then I’d listen up and take down a few ideas.

mens stag do ideas
Men's Stag Do Ideas

Unusual Stag Do’s have become something of the norm; no longer are we sufficed with a few pints down the local. These days, men are lusting after travel, experiences and everything in between. Here we list a few stag do ideas and stag do activities that you can par-take in when you or your best mate decide to tie the knot.

What to Wear on a Stag Do

Stag Do's don't usually have the reputation of being the most stylish and well put together events, but that doesn't mean you can't make an effort. Of course, you have to think of what you'll be doing for the Stag Do, as you'll need to dress appropriately. If you're off doing an activity such as football or a sport then you won't require a pair of trousers and some smart shoes, so find out what you're doing and dress accordingly.

A fail-safe option if you're hitting the town is to opt for a smart, long sleeve polo shirt as this can take you to an array of venues with ease. Teamed with a pair of beige chinos and a pair of smart trainers and you'll be set for the days/evenings events ahead.


Grooming & Pampering

Now, this isn't your typical Stag idea, but with the growing number of men's grooming brands and men's pampering products becoming more and more popular we've seen a rapid increase in grooming stag do's for men. Definitely a stag party idea for those who prefer a haircut and beard trim to a night necking pints.

Greenwood, Victoria

Greenwood is a new venture out of Victoria, a sports bar that shows sport from across the world throughout the bars and restaurant. A large, spacious venue that caters for everybody it can host a large group of people with absolute ease. With a choice of seating from the bar to booths and tables with a sports lounge on the top floor, Greenwood offers a variety of thing to do whilst you're there. If you're looking for stag ideas in London then this is definitely one to consider. Friendly staff and an array of drinks available from beers and wines to cocktails and spirits, Greenwood as it all.

greenwood bar and restaurant
Greenwood Bar Restaurant

The Sports Lounge on the top floor shows a plethora of sports on 5 large screens whilst a fully stocked bar of bottled and draught beers are able to quench your thirst whilst you cheer your team on. With stone baked pizza, burgers and other bar snacks available, you'll be able to have the perfect Stag Do.

greewood sports bar and lounge for men
Greenwood Sports Bar & Lounge

If you're in the mood for a more pampered experience, then on hand is Sharps Barbers & Shop where the extremely knowledgeable barbers are there to walk and talk you through every step of a haircut or trim. With a nod to the traditional barbers of the past, Sharps is a great way to grab a beer, get a trim and chat with your mates in a comfortable environment.

sharps barbers aat greenwood victoria for men
Sharps Barbers at Greenwood Bar & Restaurant, Victoria

Deluxe Gentlemen's Pampering Experience

If you want to combine travel and a pampering experience for an unusual stag do idea, then this Deluxe Gentlemen's Pampering Experience from Red7 will be right up your street. Red7 are a travel company that specialise in group activites so you know you'll always be in capable hands. Brighton is the host for this event, so you already know that you're in for a brilliant time; sun, sea and incredible views are the crux of this trip, especially if you're looking for some of the best stag do locations.

red 7 grooming event brighton stag do for party idea for men
Stag Do party ideas for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Fillipe Canha

Hopping on the train from Brighton, you can enjoy scenic views as you start off your stag do with a few drinks on the train. Once in Brighton, you can make your way to Gunpowder and Lipstick salon when you can have your choice of pampering sessions from haircuts to beard trims. Whilst some of you are getting your hair cut, another load of you can enjoy back, neck and shoulder and hand massages across the street. An extremely relaxed approach to your average Stag Do.

red 7 stag do event brighton
Lipstick & Gunpowder Salon Brighton
PHOTO CREDIT: Fillipe Canha

A lot of Stag parties don't usually involve an experienced beer tasting session, but this one does. Hidden away in the lanes of Brighton, but a stone's throw away from the hair and massage salons, the Bison Beer tasting shop offers an incredible amount of beers, both weird and wonderful. With the option to purchase everything you try, it's certainly an alternative stag do idea for those who are after something different.


If you're after more of an experience then there are a plethora of stag party ideas that cater to pretty much everything. With the rising popularity of Stag Do's with a difference, it certainly makes one of the best stag do ideas to go all out and try something completely different.

Virgin Experience VR 4D Indoor Skydive

If you've always wanted to experience a skydive but never really had the bottle to do so then this is the Stag Do activity for you. With virtual reality headphones that simulate a free fall over California, this skydive requires four practice sessions to help you get used to the motion and to help you get balanced enough to go at it alone.

virgin active virtual reality skydive for men
Virgin Active Skydiving Experience
PHOTO CREDIT: Virgin Active

After a quick demonstration from the professional skydiver, mainly to show off his skills, you're about ready to tackle the virtual skydive. Your headset is attached to your helmet just before you step out into the wind tunnel to simulate you stepping off of the plane and you're fitted with a weighted backpack to give you the feel of a skydiving instructor.

The perfect group activity, this is certainly a great stag party idea as you can have all the fun of a skydive without the risk and the fear of jumping out of the plane.

Click here for more information and to get your tickets booked.

virgin active skydive experience stag do party idea men
Virgin Active Skydiving Experience
PHOTO CREDIT: Virgin Active

Zorb Football

A relatively new phenomenon to hit the social media world, Zorb football combines the world's favourite sport of football with fun and a good ole rough and tumble. If you're not familiar with Zorb football then it's pretty simple; two teams of 5 or more play against each other in a normal game of football, but with a twist, you're encased in an inflatable ball that covers you from the waist up.

zorb football stag do idea for men
Zorb Football Stag Do ideas for men
PHOTO CREDIT: Play Vilnius

A great Stag weekend idea as you can do it all over the country, especially if you're looking for Stag Do ideas in the UK or Stag Do ideas in London. Zorb football allows you to play your favourite sport whilst bashing into each other without getting hurt. So fling around and enjoy yourselves whilst as this Stag Do idea in London is one of the best you can do.

Extreme Dodgems

Now, this Stag Do activity isn't for the faint-hearted, but Extreme Dodgems takes your favourite fair ground classic and adds a little more adrenaline to it. Resembling stock car racing, Extreme Dodgems allows you to crash into each other, smash your cars and generally let loose on the track.

Of course, you'll need all of the required gear which the event holders will provide, but other than that the rules are generally flouted. So, if you're looking for an unusual Stag Do idea that allows you to crash and smash out any frustrations you might be harbouring, then Extreme Dodgems is the perfect one for you.

extreme dodgems stag ideas for men
Extreme Dodgems Stag Do Idea for Men
PHOTO CREDIT: Spedeworth Motorsports

The Best Stag Do Ideas

  • Grooming and pampering - take a few of your friends down to a local barber or organised event to get yourself a haircut and pamper.
  • Experiences - virtual skydiving, zorb football and extreme dodgems are all perfect team activities to take part in and they're all relatively inexpensive.

the best stag do ideas for men the hangover film

On That Note

Stag Do's have been modernised and changed over the years. No longer are men satisfied with a few pints down the local anymore, men want difference, travel and a little bit of danger. Grooming and pampering Stag Do parties have become extremely popular as some men want to feel relaxed and taken care of. However, if you're more of a thrill seeker then I'd highly suggest going for something a little more extreme. Skydiving, Zorb football and Extreme Dodgems are all perfect activities to do when you're celebrating your last taste of freedom, and who doesn't love a bit of danger.


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