Shopping Bots: What are They and How do They Work?

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When it comes to the world of online shopping, bots are the absolute enemy. But what is a bot you ask? Well, we've put together this guide so you know exactly what bots are, how they work and why they're evil. Take a look below.

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Online shopping. Where would we be without it? In a world where everything is at the touch of our fingers, shopping should be easy and fun, right? Wrong. Online shopping bots are without a doubt, the worst thing to happen to the world since the invention of tuna. They suck the life, fun and enjoyment out of going shopping for those online releases. If you're sat thinking "but what is a bot? I've never heard of these before" then you are in for a treat.

Supreme, Yeezy releases and Jordan releases have always been plagued by these little programmes. This brief little article is designed to immerse you into the world of auto-checkout services and struggling to grab the latest release. Read on so you know what a bot is, how they work and why they are so bloody awful.

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What Are Bots?

Bots, by definition, are programmes that run automated tasks over the Internet. These programmes are designed to complete tasks quicker and simpler than if done by humans. Many of these programmes are known as AIO bots or All in One. They add the product, auto checkout and do everything for you in one simple click. Many of the best sneaker bots or best Supreme bots do all of the hard work for you due to their speed.

Now the ICT lesson is over, we'll explain what that means in regular speak. What makes these automated services so attractive is that they will do all the hard work for you, quicker than if you did it yourself.

Why do People Use Bots?

It might take you around a minute to pick a product, choose your size and add it to cart on a Supreme drop. That's quick, right? Wrong. What will take you a minute to do, a bot can do in seconds. The whole basis of a bot is to complete human tasks quicker than a human can. Ever wondered how those kids online manage to get Yeezy's or Supreme when they sell out instantly? The answer guessed it; a bot.

Websites like Supreme Access or Sneaker Access are tried and tested ways of getting the latest heated sneakers without the hassle. These auto shopping cart services are a way for you to get what you want for a problem free drop. Whilst they do work in getting you those latest drops, they are also a plague to online shopping.

mens street style supreme auto checkout
Auto-checkout services have plagued sites like Supreme and Nike for years

Why Bots are Killing Online Shopping

In short, bots are ruining online shopping as they are an unfair advantage. If you're genuinely interested in buying something from the newest Supreme drop to keep instead of selling it, then shop bots are killing the industry. More often than not, drops of this kind are for the few who have the money to buy as many auto-checkout services as they can.

If you're not in the position to buy one of these services or pay resell then ultimately you're in the shit. Although they are hassle free and allow people to grab stuff, it's a stark contrast to online shopping in the past. What online bots do is make the playing field completely one sided. Gone are the days of old where sneaker bots and shopping bots didn't exist.

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Long gone are the days of standing in line and trying to pick up something from Supreme

How to Beat Bots

You can now see why they're such a plague on the online shopping world as they give an unfair advantage.In short, the only way to beat bots is to stop using them. Although bots are hassle free, they create an unlevel playing field in the online shopping world. Ultimately bots are a way of cheating.

Thankfully companies like Nike, Adidas and Supreme are combating this issue by allowing random access through to their site. This method of random access is a great way of making shoes easier to get when it comes to Yeezys etc. However, if you don't get a pair well then you're not going to like it but you've got to admire the effort to make things fairer.

mens street style nike online raffle system
Nike's online raffle system is designed to combat online bots and allows random access to the site

Shopping Bots and How They Work

  • What are bots - bots are an automated shopping cart service, designed to add products to your order quicker than a human
  • Why people use bots - people use bots to beat the rush and grab the hottest sneakers and streetwear
  • Why bots are bad - bots create an unfair advantage in the online shopping world meaning that some shoppers can't get what they want
  • How to beat bots - stop using them

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Adidas' Yeezy raffle system is changing the way that online releases are done

On That Note

Sneaker bots are an unfair advantage to the online shopping community. Whilst they do allow some users to buy the latest and greatest products, they also create an unlevel playing field. Resellers use them as a way of buying the most amount of product and then making a profit. Nobody needs 25 Supreme T-Shirts unless you're planning on selling them. In short, bots are killing the way that people can shop. Want to stop bots? Stop using them all together.


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