Boot Up For Autumn

Boot Up For Autumn

Are you stuck between a few styles of boots for the upcoming winter? We have put together a guide of how to select the perfect autumn/winter boots.

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Chelsea Boots

Widely popularised by British rock stars, the fine leather finish makes it the sleekest style out of these boots. As it's always good to start off with a quick introduction, check out our video below on how to wear these timeless yet modern boots.

A one-piece leather upper keeps the boot hugging your foot at all times. Elastic gussets at the side of the high-ankle enclosure guarantee a customised fit to your foot. No laces? No problem. A loop tab on top of the heel allows the boot to be pulled on with ease. A comfortable, classy addition to your wardrobe and finishes off a preppy look with a trench coat.

Plus, Chelsea boots are becoming an increasingly popular footwear option for a more formal attire. Wearing a pair of black Chelsea boots with a black suit, for example, is an interesting and contemporary way to put a spin on a classic look.

If you really want to nail those autumn vibes, you'll definitely need a pair of suede Chelsea boots. Whether you prefer them in a natural tan tone or in dark grey or black, suede will provide a nice textural element to whatever outfit you choose to wear them with. Just remember to take good care of the fragile material that is suede with the appropriate products.



The sturdy build of the boot, from the metal lace eyelets to reinforced sole provide a rugged exterior and a durable frame. Let's start off with our very own quick and easy tutorial on how to wear ankle boots, shall we?

Another high-ankle boot with a tab, this boot is much more adaptable than the Chelsea boot. However, the durable leather forms a rugged exterior to trap in heat and keep out the cold. A water-resistant waxed finish is applied as the cherry on top for this perfect blend of aesthetic functionality. Most importantly, when you’re looking for a bit of rough and tumble, these are a fantastic match for a shearling jacket.

However, these boots are also great for a casual stroll in the city. There's nothing cooler than a pair of worn out leather boots to walk around with. A pair of ankle boots will go down great with a simple white T-shirt, a pair of sand chinos and a casual bomber jacket. It goes without saying that this look is better suited for the early days of autumn, so go nuts until temperatures allow you to.


Built for the desert sands, the Chukka boot has migrated to the far corners of the world as a staple for year-round men’s footwear.

The simple build of the boot eludes its lightweight comfort and versatility. Original Chukka boots have a crepe sole, which is a processed rubber, for improved traction. An alternative would be a layered sole which includes a combination of wood and rubber for more rigid support. Following its military background, match the casual chukka with a laid back camo bomber jacket. That will give you enough room to wear a warm jumper underneath.

Much like Chelsea boots, Chukka boots also come in a suede variation in the form of desert boots. You'll find that desert boots are more of spring fling but why should you give up on suede? Sure, normal leather is much easier to clean and has a much lower level of maintenance. However, as long as you protect your suede desert boots, the harsh and unpredictable weather should present no significant problem whatsoever. That said, if you're planning a trip to the countryside, it's best to leave these boots home for an autumnal stroll in the city.

Team up your suede desert boots with a simple crew neck and some slim jeans and you're away. Don't forget to match the colour of your shoes to the colour of potential accessories such as belts. Freezing temperatures aren't a good enough excuse to skip these important details.



These boots are for the true outdoorsman, one you can wear with your rolled up sleeves to get down and dirty. Vulcanised rubber lug soles will withstand the harshest elements and provide traction on all cold-weather surfaces. Usually made with a water-tight leather or nubuck exterior and with a high-cut ankle to provide stability and protection from wayward branches.

Additional insulation can be stitched inside the interior for extra warmth, comfort, and a snugger fit. For the most treacherous of conditions, cover all your tracks with a freeze-proof parka. Timberland boots are the ideal staple piece for the urban explorer. This all-black ensemble is a great example of how to style your boots in the city. All you'll need is a simple black bomber, some black dad jeans and sturdy pair of Timberland's and you're ready for anything.


Select The Perfect Autumn/Winter Boots

  • It's time to put the sandals away and look for a pair of boots that will keep you warm and stylish for this autumn/winter.
  • With a wide variety of boots for you to choose from, there's no reason why you shouldn't find the perfect pair that suits your needs and style.
  • Not only will Chelsea boots give you a rockstar quality, they're also perfect for preppier looks. They're a great match for a camel trench coat or even an all-black suit.
  • Chukka boots are both versatile and extremely comfortable. Wear these men's boots with jeans and a camo jacket to pay homage to their military origin in style.
  • If you love spending time in the great outdoors in winter, you'll definitely need a pair of hiking boots. Just because these boots are slightly more on the technical side of the spectrum rather than purely lifestyle, it doesn't mean that they won't look great.



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