Places to Go This Summer: The Magic Roundabout

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After being the talk of London throughout winter, The Magic Roundabout is now reopening it's doors for a summer spell. Engulfed in a summer terrace, with a Bollywood theme, The Magic Roundabout is definitely going to be a hotspot for summer '17.

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Now one of London's worst kept secrets, the venue sits atop Old Street Station Roundabout, with the entrance being in the station itself. This truly quirky and hedonistic venue is a wonderful breakaway from the normal bars of London. Cocktails, food stalls and various areas in the club mean that you will certainly have your options wide open at this trendy London bar.

magic roundabout mens fashion bar
PHOTO CREDIT: The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout is a bar that has unique blend of themes. Starting in Bollywood, you feel as though you are in Sumatra rather than Shoreditch. Adorned in vibrant colours and murals to Indian summers, the bar itself sits under an open roof terrace. As well as this, the bar has completely revamped itself and brought in two new themes.

The Fa Fa Land area is inspired by Disney's 'Fantasia' and is adorned with a dreamy garden to match. The other new addition, Bassano's, offers a beach bar in the middle of the club. What is exciting about The Magic Roundabout is the new plans they have for the bar itself.

magic roundabout text image mens fashion bar
PHOTO CREDIT: The Magic Roundabout

From April 18th, The Magic Roundabout will be open from 7am Monday-Friday, drafting in some of London's best baristas in the form of Host Coffee. What makes The Magic Roundabout so unique as a bar is the sheer number of options you can find for food.

Offering the best in London's food stalls, The Magic Roundabout showcases a plethora of flavours all housed under it's terraced roof. White Men Can't Jerk, Burger Bear and Skins are some of our favourites, providing the best in Caribbean and American cuisine.

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PHOTO CREDIT: The Magic Roundabout

Throughout summer, The Magic Roundabout will be hosting a stellar line up of day parties and events which include a super exciting takeover by XOYO in June and a series of pre-parties for Egg LDN. Combine that with some talented resident DJs and there's really not much else you could want from this trendy East London venue.

The recent winners of the "Best All-in-One Venue" have really put in a lot of hard work into making this bar the best it can be. It is easy to see why they won the prestigious award, when you look around the bar. Stunning visuals, excellent food and cheap drinks mean that this trendy East London bar will soon become your favourite spot.

Check out The Magic Roundabout's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what they've got going on this summer. We'll see you there.

What to Wear to The Magic Roundabout

There's no dress code for The Magic Roundabout but seeing as you are near Shoreditch, chances are you're going to go out afterward. Smart casual is probably the safest bet and will get you in to anywhere you go. We recommend a white shirt, black jeans and some Chelsea boots. You're all set for a truly magical evening.



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