Our 16 Top Picks For the Perfect British Summertime

Our 16 Top Picks For the Perfect British Summertime

Sure, the British Summertime can be a little hit and miss, but us Brits know how to make the best of any situation. So, in celebration of however much sun we get this season, here are our top picks to boost your summertime.

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Britain hits 20°, Britain goes mad- it's a fact. Us Brits go crazy for a bit of sunshine, all be it the limited amount we actually end up having. We have gathered some of our favourite summery products to help you all have a British summertime to remember.

Earl Grey Forest Gin

An Idle favourite; no summertime is the same without a trusted bottle of gin in hand. Nothing quite says 'British' than a bottle of gin and some earl grey tea, so what better way to celebrate summer than by combining the two? Enter Forest Gin, the locally sourced gin, produced in the Peak District and made in small batches of 85 bottles. These bottles are all crafted in bespoke English Porcelain designed by the artist Suzy Taylor, making them a great boozy gift for more than one reason.

This gin has passed our taste test, and we know our gins. If you don't take our word for it, take the word of San Fransisco, as Forest Gin won double gold in the San Fransisco World Spirits Competition in 2016 (yes, apparently this is a thing).

Check out Forest Gin's website to step up your G&T.


Forest Gin


Il Gusto

Perfect for those summer nights and civilised evenings, Il Gusto offer a range of liquers, oils and vinegars which are perfect for any BBQ. The Il Gusto idea is simple. You pick a product, whether it's an oil or spirit, choose a personalised bottle and have a message written on it for whomever you're gifting it too. With such a wide variety of products (and bottles!) on offer, this means that their is a level of personalisation that can't be matched anywhere on the market.

The service is designed to be used as a way to offer personalised gifts at great prices but we thought that the wide range of fine oils, vinegars, wines, whiskys, cognacs, DIY cocktail mixers, vodkas and liquers were absolutely perfect for the warm weather. We'd recommend their wide range of whiskey and the Sex on the Beach cocktail mix, all of which are extra summery!

Check out what else Il Gusto have got via their website.


il gusto whisky range
Il Gusto's whisky range is second to none


Joe & Seph's Popcorn

Popcorn has never tasted so good. Long gone are the days of arguing over the limited sweet or salty flavour options, as Joe & Seph's totally switch up the taste game. Fancy some Whiskey with your popcorn? Not a problem, check out their Caramel Macchiato and Whisky flavour, made with 5% real Scotch whisky. How about a Gin & Tonic, because they've got those, too. In fact, they have pretty much every flavour you could imagine, and can't.

Cheese On Toast, Thai Style Peanut Satay, Cosmopolitan and Strawberries And Cream are only the tip of the iceberg of the flavours they create. Grab your Joe & Seph's popcorn for your next movie night, or impress your friends with the curious tastes of their popcorn at parties.

Head over to Joe & Seph's website to discover more.


Joe & Seph's Popcorn
PHOTO CREDIT: Joe & Seph's



GoBoat is a London boating experience that you simply can't miss out on this British summertime. Take 7 of your friends for a (limited) boozy ride along Regents Canal where you are your own captain. Based at Paddington Basin (Edgware Road) you can drive you and your friends through Little Venice, past London Zoo and on to Camden Lock.

GoBoat are eco-friendly, so they have made their boats from recycles plastic bottles, sustainably sourced wood and fitted them out with electric engines. They offer different time length packages so you can take as little or as much time as you please (up to a max speed of 4mph). So, book yourself in to get cruising. We can assure you that GoBoat is an absolutely hilarious or sophisticated way to view the city, depending on how good your driver is!

Check out the GoBoat website for more information.


The GoBoat Experience



Make no mistake, these toys are not just for kids. Adults are most definitely allowed to release their inner child too, and what better way to do it than with these products? The Wicked Sky Spinner and Sonic Booma are guaranteed to give you hours of enjoyment with your friends this British summertime.

Pack the spinner and the boomerang to take along to your next summer BBQ, down to the beach or to your local park to have some fun whilst you soak up the sun. These are also a great way to get in some sneaky exercise, which is a win-win for us.

Take a look at Wicked's website to see what other outdoor toys they have to offer.


Wicked Sky Spinner And Sonic Booma


Sandows Cold Brew

Hot coffee is great, but when it comes to a hot summer, we think cold coffee is even better. Sandows is not like most iced coffees, though. They take out all the sweetness and present a pure, smooth cold brew, perfect for drinking straight up, or with a dash of milk.

The British brand Sandows have a new brewery in Hackney Wick, where they create their cold brews in glass bottles and nitro mini cans. Their coffee is steeped for 16 hours which gives them that strong, defining taste that more and more people are latching on to, and after trying them ourselves, we know why. Grab a Sandows cold brew for your next commute for a refreshing alternative, or mix it up a little by using it as a key ingredient to some of your favourite cocktails.

Check out more of Sandows on their website.


Sandows Cold Brew


Junique Juniper & Wine

Junique is our top pick for a wine alternative this summer. Produced in Greece, Junique is a subtle blend of wine mixed with natural Juniper extracts. Junique hits us with an impressive 17% volume (another reason why it's better than your average wine).

Described as an aperitif, you can have Junique before a meal (or BBQ). Or, you could just leave the meal behind and enjoy the Junique on the rocks, with tonic water or added into a cocktail for a delicious Greek addition. Make your way to Harvey Nichols to get your hands on Junique- a summer shopping list must-have.

Check out Harvey Nichols' website for more summer products.


Junique Juniper & Wine


Root7 Himalayan Salt Shots

Root7 live by the promise to allow their customers to 'drink differently', and they have not disappointed with these Himalayan Salt Shots. We have never seen anything quite like these before, and we're firm believes in trying something new, especially if it's alcohol-related.

If you’re a tequila lover, these are a top pick for you. Root7 have created classy shot 'glasses' made from 100% pure Himalayan salt, designed to eliminate that awkward hand-licking part of tequila shots. We know what you're thinking, they'll just dissolve, right? Wrong. These are made to last, just make sure you drink up quick and rinse them with water after use.

To get your hands on these, head over to the Root7 website.


Root7 Himalayan Shot


Vivid Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is currently something that everyone is talking about, recognised for its great taste and health benefits. Vivid has recently launched three new great matcha tea flavours, which you can grab to take on the go for that extra energy boost. Introducing the Blueberry & Blackberry, Lime & Ginger and Elderflower & Elderberry Vivid Matcha Green teas.

The high levels of amino acid L-theanine have been proved to relieve stress and have a relaxing effect, which we can imagine most people could do with. This makes them the perfect drinks for those busy, always-on-the-go types. The teas also contain potent amino acids which aid the building of muscle tissue, meaning they work great as a post-workout too. A delicious, refreshing drink with multiple health benefits, could we ask for more?

Discover more of Vivid on their website.


Vivid Matcha Tea
PHOTO CREDIT: Vivid Drinks


The Idle Man Foffa Bikes

The Foffa Biked Plume Bike Matte Black bike is the best way to get around this summer. Whether you live you live in London or in the country, these bikes will be your new best friend whilst the sun is out. Investing in a decent bike is pretty important; you'll want it to last and stand the test of time.

The Foffa Bikes are fitted with alloy frames, wide tyres perfect for any surface, mudguards, a chain guard, a kickstand and padded grips that work equally for practicality and style. They also have 8 bike gears making them suitable for leisurely cycles or a quicker ride.

Take a look at The Idle Man website for more.


Foffa Bikes


The Naked Marshmallow Co.

Marshmallows like none others, The Naked Marshmallow Co. deliver alcohol flavoured marshmallows which are bound to leave you wanting more (as they did us). And how can they not when they create flavours like Raspberry & Prosecco and Espresso Martini?

In addition to these wonderful creations, which we thank them very much for, The Naked Marshmallow Co. create S'mores packs. These are perfect for your BBQ dessert or beach bonfire treats this summer. As if things couldn't get any better here, their Salted Caramel Marshmallow Vodka and Vanilla Bean Marshmallow gin are on the way, and we can't wait to get our hands on those!

Head over to The Naked Marshmallow Co. website for more.


The Naked Marshmallow Co. S'mores Kit
The Naked Marshmallow Co.


 The Idle Man Shorts

This summer, get your hands on a pair of shorts that can easily carry you through from day to night. Chino shorts or cotton twill shorts are the best options for this, as they are smart casual, and can be dressed up or down with a simple change of footwear. Sweat shorts are a better choice if you're having a day at the beach, or when you know you'll be running around a lot.

Pair your shorts with a plain T-shirt for the ultimate relaxed summer style. To dress up for the evening, switch your trainers for a pair of loafers and pull a shirt on over your T-shirt to layer up in case it starts to get chilly.



Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin is a multi award-winning Gin, and they've just released their summer edition bottle (which looks almost as good as it tastes). Made in Dunnet Bay Distillery, which is located in the bay of Dunnet, the British gin promises to be fresh, airy and pure in taste, and we agree, it is.

Rock Rose Gin is a top choice to add to your tonic, creating a tasty G&T. Or, add Rock Rose into any gin based cocktail for a great kick. This Gin has great flavour with floral elderflower notes to it, and sweet, tangy lemongrass and honey hints too. Why not impress your friends with some gin cocktails to sip on throughout these long summer evenings?

Take a look at the Rock Rose Gin website to see more.


Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition
PHOTO CREDIT: Dunnet Bay Distillers


Diamond Whites

Summer is the time when most of us are making plans, whether it's going on holiday, going to festivals or even just hanging out with our friends in a sunny park. The sun, naturally, makes us pretty happy, and if you're anything like us, summer simply makes you smile. So, in celebration of summer smiles, we have teamed up with Diamond Whites to make sure we are all flashing white grins this summertime.

Diamond Whites create teeth whitening products that many people have been raving about, and we're sure you would have seen them circulating your social platforms. Their best sellers include the Black Edition Charcoal Tooth Polish and Charcoal Paste which we love right now. It's worth mentioning that their whole range are non-peroxide and 100% compliant with all EU Laws (thank god).

For your summer smile, head over to the Diamond Whites website.


Diamond Whites' Black Edition Charcoal Paste
PHOTO CREDIT: Diamond Whites


The Idle Man Trainers

White trainers should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. They are perfect summer shoes because they're minimal and will, therefore, go with most looks. When owning a pair of white trainers, it's important to keep them clean. Dirty trainers can make your outfit look sloppy, and that's something we want to avoid. We stock plenty of shoe cleaning products, so you can make sure your trainers keep pristine all summer.

Take a look at our top picks of summer trainers below.



Jimmy's Iced Coffee

For those of you who like their cold coffees sweet and flavoured, Bournemouth based Jimmy's Iced Coffee are certainly the ones for you. Available in small cartons and large litre ones (marvellous), you can now enjoy the Original, Skinny, Mocha and their new Dairy Free flavours. Jimmy's are known for their fun, cool brand image, making these drinks the best beverage accessory.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee's refuse to just be a drink- Jimmy's have suggested pouring your iced coffees over your cereal or using them to dunk your morning pastries in. If that's your kind of thing, great. For us, we love our Jimmy's Iced Coffees straight from the cartoon, anytime and any place for that must-have refreshing hit (and caffeine fix, obviously).

Read more about Jimmy's Iced Coffee on their website.


Jimmy's Iced Coffee Flavours
PHOTO CREDIT: Jimmy's Iced Coffee


On That Note

These British summertime picks are perfect additions to your summer plans, whether it's a gathering in the park, a Sunday BBQ or a trip to the beach. These are all equally great for grabbing on the go for those long summer office days, where refreshments and alcohol (after 5 pm, of course) can be essential for functioning. We hope you love these top picks just as much as we did.


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