Night Tales: The Perfect Work Party Location

Night Tales: The Perfect Work Party Location

North East London is home to many iconic bars and is remembered for many blurry nights out.  The Idle Man team ventured from our Shoreditch streets to test the leader of the pack, Night Tales.  We wanted to see how this cocktail bar have snatched up so many awards and turned a temporary pop-up into a semi-permanent location.

After five years of teasing its fans with temporary pop-ups, Night Tales has found a home in a two converted railway arch in Hackney. Whilst office party attendance numbers are always unpredictable, Night Tales had plenty of options with covered seating areas, swinging day beds for private hire, 10-person private booths and is a 300-capacity nightclub.  So, whether a boyfriend tags along, a mother is called home, or someone invites all their friends, Night Tales guarantees perfect sanctuary for those rare, but always remembered work parties.

We all held back on lunch as we knew a real treat was on its way for dinner.  Night Tales serve ‘Fat Baby’, a Japanese izakaya-style grill, and NYC-style pizza from Sons of Slice.  So, whether you are accompanied by a carnivore, vegan or vegetarian, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Whilst the conversations fell silent from everybody devouring the flavoursome food, the live music kept the atmosphere alive.  The music at Night Tales is carefully considered to complement the space. There is a hand-picked program of DJs providing extended sets, transitioning from day to night across the garden and club.

Night Tales welcoming outdoor area

Although, some of us needed an extra boost of courage to step onto the dance floor.  The 10-meter indoor cocktail bar, beer and prosecco shack definitely assisted in kicking this confidence into action.  If you drink the bar tab dry, it will only be stocked back up by generous co-workers as the prices are too tempting to call it a night.

Overall, Night Tales catered for all and hosted a welcoming evening.  We at The Idle Man highly recommended making a reservation at Night Tales for your next social work event.  The only tip we can add is to ensure your boss lets you have a late start the following day - or cancels the shift altogether.

OPENING HOURS: Thursday 18 - 00 / Friday 18 - 03 / Saturday 16 - 03

ADDRESS: 14 Bohemia Place, Mare Street, E8 1DU // Hackney Central Station

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