New To The Bloomberg Arcade: Brigadiers

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The Bloomberg Arcade is one of London's newest and hottest spots to eat and drink. Filled with an array of independent restaurants to try, this will soon be your go to loacation.

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A new dining location has opened up in the City and we're ready and raring to get stuck in to it. It's home to 10 independent restaurants, all offering different tastes and cuisines. So, to see what all the fuss is about, we hopped on the bandwagon and managed to check out Brigadiers before it opened to the public and we're definitely going to be heading back for more.

The Bloomberg Arcade

We'll start off with the location. The Bloomberg Arcade. This new London hang-out has been put together by Bloomberg's food critic, Richard Vines, and writer and restaurant consultant Nicholas Lander so they can bring a selection of independent food spots to the centre of the City. This dining destination has diversity in mind as each and every place will offer you a one of a kind experience, as well as giving you tastes from all over the globe.

Unlike your favourites high street chain spots, The Bloomberg Arcade brings a touch of creativity and a whole new experience to the dining scene. Located underneath the two Bloomberg buildings, under the covered pedestrian area, the assortment of cultural restaurants has a vibe that's different to anything else you may have experience. It gives you that personal, high dining feel that's able to connect with every and any one.

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The Bloomberg Arcade

Brigadiers Food and Drink

This new Indian addition has opened its doors so you can enjoy the taste of innovative whisky cocktails and perfectly spiced barbecue Indian food while soaking up the rich atmosphere that's private and personal. Marrying together the food and social aspect of the army mess bars in India, which this restaurant was creatively inspired from, means that there are Indian military vibes going on throughout the space and within the food and drink menu.

Offering a diverse selection of tastes for you to devour, this Indian restaurant will be the ideal after work dinner spot. Brigadiers focuses on different methods of Indian barbecue and drinking food. It utilises tandoors, charcoal grills, wood ovens, rotisseries and classic Indian Smokers to get the perfect outcome.

As well as all of the mouth watering food, excite your taste buds even more with the drinks offering. A selection of beers, whiskies, and cocktails are all available, with some even on tap. Espresso Martinis, Flora Dora's (a personal favourite) and a few other classics alongside some very new and inventive whisky cocktails will have you heading to The Tap Room straight from the office.

The Decor

Sticking with the theme, the decor is above and beyond anything else that we'd ever seen in the centre of London. The deep colours and richness of the interior reflect the quintessential Indian Club Culture. It has a collection of rooms, each with their own, unique identity, experience and atmosphere. Each room has a screen incorporated into the decor, whether it be alongside the table or behind a curtain, so you can watch live sport while you enjoy your meal.

When it comes to the rooms, we have a few favourites already. There's the Tap Room that serves up all the cocktails, including decorated sharing cocktails for those of you turning up in big groups. Then there's the pool room, which is there for you to enjoy intense games of pool while you help yourself to the selection of drink taps. And finally there are intimate private dinning rooms for you to hire, ranging from groups of four and five to parties of twelve to sixteen. In some the tables even convert into card playing areas so you can play while you eat.

Brigadiers is a must for those that want something a little different

On That Note

Brigadiers has set up camp at 1–5 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR, so if you're looking for a unique and independent place to eat and drink, reserve a room or table or simply head to the tap bar for a selection of mouth watering food and cocktails. If this sounds just a tad inviting, get yourself down there and you'll be hooked in no time.


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