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We sat down with House DJ and producer Yousef ahead of his ‘Forms’ show at Fabric on February 2nd. Find out what he had to say and which tracks mean so much to him. Take a look below.

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When it comes t0 house music in England, not many do it better than Liverpool's own Yousef. Born in the era where house reigned supreme, the Merseyside native has carved his own unique sound and path since coming up in the early 2000's. Arguably one of the most hardworking and determined DJs on the planet, Yousef, the driving force behind Circus Records, has taken his club nights and creative sets around the globe. Undoubtedly then, Yousef is one of the Great British heavyweights of the DJ world.

Yousef has given us an exclusive insight into his favourite tracks of all time and what makes each one so influential to him. We sat down with him before his headline show at Fabric Forms to see what tracks have shaped him since he first got into DJing. An eclectic mix of old-school classics, these are certainly songs that you don't want to ignore. Read on to see more.

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Faze Action - in the trees

"A track that in some ways reflects my musical pallet in one go. It’s emotional, tastefully made and has a touch of club in it. These days it’s unlikely I would get to play it in my DJ sets, unless it was long stretch. But it’s a great piece of timeless music that needed the dust wiping off."

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

"I’m spending much more time sampling again in my studio than I've done in many years. Pepe samples Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower" so well here, that its becoming his own timeless piece of work. I’m about to embark on a sampling mission today, so this is good inspiration about what can be achieved"

Dj Rolando - Jaguar (Original mix)

"There's been all sorts of watered down versions of this track around but nothing touches the original, it’s everything techno can be: emotive, relentless, timeless. I never tire of playing this record".

Yousef feat The Angel - Vanity (crosstown rebels)

"Part shameless promo part utter pride in what I feel has been one of my most composed tracks to date. A track that across Facebook has 5 million views since the clips of Damien Lazarus were posted earlier this year. A nasty drum work out with a beautiful vocal performance by the Angel singing the lyrics that I had written about a break up many years ago".

ROBERT ARMANI Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix)

"A tune that probably first introduced me to techno, it captivated me hearing this in the Annexe of the legendary Cream dance floors when I was too young to be in there... I recall when this track was dropped, the room always erupted, in a sort of primal way, the entire room of 600 ravers, entirely locked into a sweaty water throwing, no fuck given zone. It was truly immense. If you wondered why my label and club event is called Circus, now you know..."

Spandau Ballet - Gold (12" mix)

"This was chosen as it’s just an unreal version of an incredible pop song, hearing all the parts stripped out to be built up is so revealing, the production is outrageous, incredible. It’s probably the first music I ever listened to as well. To top it all off it is my four year old’s son favourite song that we have on repeat (this version only!) on the way to and from when I drop him off at nursery, it takes 2 plays to get there!".

On That Note

As you can see, Yousef certainly has a wide variety in his selection. It's refreshing to see how this British DJ still pays homage to classic Britpop bands like Spandau Ballet even now, citing how important it is to his home life. You can catch Yousef and Fabric Forms on February 2nd 2018. Make sure you get your tickets fast though as they're set to sell out.



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