Murger Hanhan Takes Noodles to a Whole New Level

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If traditional Chinese cuisine is what you're in the market for then look no further than Murger Hanhan. Serving up noodles dishes, show-stopping rice bowls and pork to die for, this is a foodies paradise.

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When it comes to oriental cuisine, not many places in London provide such authentic and revered traditional dishes as Murger Hanhan. With only two locations in London, Euston and Mayfair, the authentic and classic styles of the Shan Xi province are kept contained within the four walls of Murger Hanhan.

A conventional decor of black, red and white is kept throughout the restaurant, an ode to the habitual home of the restaurant's owners. Whilst the minimal decor might be subtle in its approach, the food is less so. Renowned for their mammoth 12 feet (yes, 12 feet) long noodles, Murger Hanhan's process behind their food tells a story like no other Chinese restaurant in London. This is our review of one of London's best keep secrets.

After some careful consideration, and some fantastic advice from our waiter, we opted for the classic murgers, a traditional slow-cooked meat served in a flatbread, as well as the grilled chicken gyoza. Having heard so much about this restaurants namesake, we thought it would be stupid not to try the spicy beef and pork versions of this dish.

The murger was sublime, with succulent meat that almost fell apart as you ate it. Not many things go better than slow-cooked meat and carbs, so this combination was a real winner before we'd even started. Delicately spiced and extremely well balanced, the traditional Chinese dish set the pace for what was to be a fantastic meal. Not forgetting the gyoza of course, these powerful little Asian delights were packed full of intense yet delicate flavours. A serious recommendation on the menu. Next came our mains and a dish that we had been extremely excited to try.

The pork biangbiang noodle, with tomato and egg sauce with chilli oil, we had heard so much about. These incredible 12 feet long noodles (again, 12 feet!) were advertised as one of the best things to try in London. A noodle, that was almost as long as a Mercedes C-Class, that is folded, and stretched over a period of time was something that we knew was going to be good. The quality of ingredients was stressed to us on arrival and, after the success of the starters, things were looking good for the main.

Almost immediately this dish had ticked all the boxes. The super soft texture of the noodles was astounding, especially considering the flavours that it was soaked in. The basis of this traditional dish held it's own whilst being surrounded by rich heat and meaty pork. We had not expected for this noodle to be able to withstand the flavours but we were incredibly wrong. Whilst the noodle was the star of the show, it's accompaniments were just as good.

Delicate pork, combined with the intense and perfectly balanced broth of the chilli with tomato and egg sauce meant that it was a winner right from the off. This was a traditional Asian dish served in a traditional way. We had never before been so full from a deceptively large bowl of food.

murger hanhan
The noodles were delicate yet packed full of flavour
PHOTO CREDIT: Murger Hanhan

On That Note

For us, Murger Hanhan ticks all the right boxes. For two starters, two main, three beers and a coke, it was unbelievably cheap, yet packed unbelievable flavour. £50 was the total bill. For all of that! Murger Hanhan was without a doubt traditional Chinese cooking served as it should be. Large bowls of noodles, alcohol and a fantastic environment to be in. We can't wait to go again.


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