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It can be a track, gig, a piece of art, or absolutely anything. We’re taking a look at the moments when artists realised they were going to dedicate their lives to music. 

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We catch up with Toolroom owner and tech house titan Mark Knight ahead of his performance at Gorilla, Manchester on July 7th. Mark's journey wasn't an easy one. This is a story that shows the pure determination to make it in the music industry, and a real "all or nothing" mentality. Read on to find out all about the defining moments that made Mark commit his life to music. This is Mark Knight’s moment.

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I can vividly remember the moment I knew I was going to completely dedicate myself to music. I was on a building site at 7am, it was dark, snowing and freezing. My hands felt like they were about to fall off they were so cold and I just thought “I don’t want to do this anymore”.

I was 26 at that point so had been working full time for nearly 10 years. Construction was always sometime I’d wanted to do as a kid, and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I’d been doing music on the site for a few years, doing a Kiss FM show and releasing a few records, so was making a bit of money from that, but I’d never fully committed to it. To be fair when I was a kid, DJing wasn’t really something that was seen as a legitimate career path: to make it in music you had to be a traditional musician, or in a band, so it was only as time went on that I realised it was potentially something I could do for a living.

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Once I’d made the decision to commit fully to it, it was make or break. I sold everything I owned – house, car, anything I didn’t need – and moved back in with my parents. Initially I was absolutely skint, and lived on rice for about a year, as I put everything I made from records back into equipment. I built a studio and office space in my parents’ garden – which is where the name Toolroom eventually came from – and started thinking about music like a proper business.

I always wanted to set up my own label, as a realised that I wanted to be more in control of how the music I made was released. Slowly but surely the records were more successful, and I started getting booked to DJ more regularly, and it just went on from there.

It was a massive leap of faith, but I didn’t go into it blind: I was very determined and always believed I could make a success of it. I made some big sacrifices in those early years, but they definitely paid off, and now I cant imagine doing anything else.

PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Knight's Instagram

Tickets to see Mark at the Gorilla in Manchester are now available from Resident Advisor as well as all his other tour dates. Keep up with Mark Knight's movements on his website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram.


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