Louis Vuitton Announces Virgil Abloh as Artistic Director of Menswear

virgil abloh|virgil abloh

This morning, Louis Vuitton announced that Virgil Abloh will be taking over the position of Artistic Director, formerly occupied by Kim Jones. Virgil is famous for his brand Off-White amongst other things, but do you think this is the right move for LV? 

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Louis Vuitton is one of the greatest fashion houses in the world. The brand's menswear department has been doing especially well recently, with Kim Jones' hard work paying off. However, last month came with the news that Jones was leaving LV and moving onto Dior Homme. We were left speculating as to who would step up to the role. Early this morning the news came in that none other than Virgil Abloh (who has a close relationship with Kim Jones) had been selected for the role.

Abloh is famous for his own brand Off-White, which has seen unprecedented success as of late, especially after the success of a collaboration in partnership with Nike. He also designed the album artwork for Kanye West's hugely successful albums "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and "Watch the Throne". He has no official training when it comes to fashion, and is actually a fully qualified architect.

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Many of you may be wondering, what does this mean for Louis Vuitton? The brand are very much focused on heritage, however Virgil is a very current designer. Could we be seeing streetwear influences shining through in LV's new collections? Only time will tell, and we certainly can't predict what the outcome will be like. Hopefully Abloh doesn't lead too far astray from Louis Vuitton's history, but we are excited to see how he pushes the boundaries of fashion here.

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