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Logistics has been on the UK underground scene since 2004, known for bringing his trademark funky sound to the drum and bass genre. One of Hospital records most prolific and long-standing signings, Matt Gresham has been blessing DnB heads alike with the purest of liquid beats and genre-bending creations for over 2 decades.

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Having grown up on a self-described diet of rock (Rage Against The Machine) and downtempo electro music, drum and bass never really seemed on Logistics radar. That was until Full Cycle released the 'Music Box' EP, that along with older brother Nu: Tone, opened up the genre to the pair of Cambridgeshire natives. Gresham first made his mark with the Spacejam EP after signing for Hospital Records in 2004 that featured tracks 'Together' and namesake single 'Spacejam.' These early offerings of a liquid-funk inspired sound was enough to catch the ears of some of the major DJs in the scene such as Andy C and Friction, who incorporated Logistics' influence into their sets.

Logistics debut LP 'Now More Than Ever' came in 2006. A 24 track project; packed to the rafters with speaker busting tunes delicately nestled between ambient exteriors, was almost instantly recognised as a classic. Ultimately, Gresham used this project to showcase his vast array of styles and sounds that seem to come so easily to him, be it liquid, funk, jungle or rollers. More recently, Logistics released his sixth studio album, 'Electric Sun', in 2016. Going back to his soulful roots, the album is a great example of how a professional can construct a track-list that takes you on a journey. From the piano opening of 'Cold Light Of Day' right through to the aptly named 14th track 'Finish Line', Logistics showcases every aspect of the liquid spectrum.

In the run-up to the second annual Hospitality In The Dock, The Idle Man had the pleasure of sitting down with the man behind the turntables to discuss the origins of his trademark sound and what he has in store for 2018.

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First of all, cheers for having a chat with us! What have you been up to since the start of the new year?

Pleasure! I've just been putting the finishing touches on my next album which is due out on Hospital later this year.

Born and bred in Cambridge, can you tell us a little bit about your music tastes growing up?

I was into most genres growing up. I went through an indie/rock phase, then a hip-hop phase as well as lots of other stuff my parents played around the house before getting really into electronic music and finally settling on drum and bass.

Your sound has distinct soulful influences, what lead to your love of soul/ funk music?

My Dad played lots of soul and funk music growing up which definitely had an impact. I then worked in a bar that had an amazing collection of soul and funk and over the course of a year whilst working there I would work my way through the music collection. I took a lot of inspiration from my time working there and it really made me realise what I wanted to make.

When did you decide that DNB was what you wanted to spend your life creating?

It was around the time the 'Musique Concrete' album by Calibre came out. I'd loved jungle and drum and bass growing up but there was a point I felt the genre got a bit too moody and dark. At that time I got really into UK garage and the two-step sound. I was making that for a few years but once I heard the stuff Calibre and High Contrast were making I fell in love with it all over again and moved back to making drum and bass.

Your latest studio album ‘Electric Sun’ is somewhat of a liquid masterclass. How do you keep finding new inspiration after more than 15 years in the business?

Thank you! I find that working with other people is a big help as they bring something new to the table and will always steer things in a certain direction. I also try and listen to as much music outside of drum and bass as I can. I find that's probably the biggest factor in staying inspired.

Last years Hospitality in the Dock was the first DNB event to take place in the renowned Tobacco Dock. How did it feel to be a part of this?

I always feel very lucky to get play those kind of events. It was an incredible day, especially being able to play at Tobacco Dock during the day and then play at fabric in the evening for the afterparty.  Hospital has a knack for always finding great venues and that was definitely one of my favourite London shows I've ever done.

You played alongside your brother Dan under the moniker Nu:Logic. Can you explain a little bit what differentiates a Nu:Logic set to a Logistics set?

Often with the Nu:Logic sets it's like a little battle between us which makes it really fun. It's always very organic and nothing is pre-planned. We tend to play a bit deeper with the Nu:Logic sets as well.

I see you spent the New Years in New Zealand, what was it like playing out there? How does the DNB scene differ to that of the U.K?

It was an amazing time. New Zealand is pretty much my favourite part of the world so it's always an absolute pleasure to visit and play there. The crowds out there are some of my favourites too. They seem to love the more soulful and liquid stuff too so I particularly enjoy that aspect of going there.

You have a string of U.K dates lined up before Hospitality in the Dock, whats your favourite city to play and why?

I'm happy playing anywhere with good sound and a good crowd but I especially love playing cities like Tokyo, LA, obviously all the New Zealand shows too but if I had to choose just one it'd be London as there are often lots of friends and peers at those shows which always makes for a good time.

Can you tell us a bit about what you have lined up for summer and the rest of the year?

I'm off on a tour of the US with Nu:Tone over the summer which I'm really looking forward to. Then I'll be touring my album as well. We've also just started the next batch of Nu:Logic tracks this past week so we'll be putting lots of energy into that too.

Hospi lineup

On That Note

Logistics will be playing The Great Gallery stage at this years Hospitality In The Dock, which looks set to be an even bigger event than last year. Stay posted to find out how you could be in with a chance of winning tickets for you and two friends in the coming weeks.


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