Inside Supreme: A Collector's Perspective with Vivian Frank

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In the lead up to my personal collection being sold on The Idle Man, I speak to some of the most prolific Supreme collectors around the world for a series of interviews. Today is the turn of Vivian Frank, co-founder of Yeezy Talk Worldwide.

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Name: Vivian Frank
Location: London, U.K.
Occupation: Self Employed
Instagram handle: @vivianfrank

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When did you first hear about Supreme and what first got you interested in the brand?

Earliest time I could remember hearing about Supreme must have been around 2010-2011. Since I’m one of the new generation collectors I only got to know it in recent years and the first time I saw the brand was on social media and worn by some celebrities. I used to ride BMX so would see Supreme around that time on skateboarders too. The thing that got me into it was mainly the dope and different designs they produced, as well as the hyped Box Logos.

Did you consciously start collecting Supreme or did you just find yourself with a large amount of stuff?

I never really collected it at the beginning because most my money went on sneakers rather than clothes. Now that I’ve started to buy more clothing and accessories I’ve accumulated quite a few items. I have also have bought some pieces that I haven’t worn, or used, as it’s purely purchased for the collection.

What is it about the brand you like so much?

It’s basically all four of those mentioned there — Graphics, Vibe, Rarity, Collectability. Same things you look out for when you buy sneakers but with Supreme it’s much more exclusive as it’s only available to buy from Supreme themselves in the U.K. now.

Some my favourite pieces are not even Box Logos just because the graphics are dope and different from what you see from any other brands. The culture around the whole brand brings people with same interests together like a community. Everybody loves to own something exclusive and rare too, and that’s what you get every week from Supreme.

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If you like a certain product do you sometimes buy multiple colour variations?

I have tried to but you can’t usually get more than one (of each item) so if I cop one on Supreme’s webstore I can’t cop the same in another colour. If I miss out and I gotta pay resell then I can’t pay resell prices on two colours as it just ads up. If I could get products I liked in different colours for the retail price I would.

What lengths have you gone to acquire a certain product from Supreme?

I haven’t gone to super crazy lengths to be honest to acquire anything. Everything is online these days so just have to really dig to find those grails or wait for them to pop up and just get it shipped to your door.

However, I guess camping for over 24 hours for the Supreme x Louis Vuitton drop last year was crazy.. the drive home was a nightmare! I haven’t camped out for anything since 2014, but had to for this drop as wouldn’t be any other way to get it without paying resell.

How have your sourced the majority of your collection?

I try pay retail from Supreme as much as I can as for every drop there’s something I want. If I miss out on the release I have to resort to marketplaces such as Facebook groups like ‘SuptalkUK’ and ‘Outfit Myth’ as well as apps and sites like Spop and eBay. Facebook groups are probably the best places right now as you have all sorts of collectors out there so if you post a “Want to Buy” for anything usually you’ll have someone hit you up unless it’s super rare, then you might need to do more hunting.

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What are some favourite picks from your collection?

Favourites from my personal collection would be like the Cat Woman tee (I’m a big Batman fan), E190 tee (yes I like benzes), 9/11 Box Logo, Original Fake collab tee, Black On Black Box Logo tee, Black on Black FW16 Box Logo Hoodie (I love my all black), Gucci Mane (the favourite photo tee that I own) and the red on Ggrey Box Logo hoodie is a classic that I love!

What are your thoughts on "Instagram collectors" who seem to flip their grails a week later?

I wouldn’t class anyone a collector if they don’t actually collect and hold on to their stuff. I know many people do buy just for a flick-and-sell but wouldn’t say it’s any form of being a collector.

For me a collector would be someone who collects and holds on to their items as well as knowledge about it etc. For people that do it for Instagram it’s more the lifestyle thing then being a collector.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t got anything against people that do just wouldn’t class them as collectors. I haven’t got the craziest collection, however I could still class myself as a collector just as I love to collect and keep everything and I can speak about most things.

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If you could go back in time to any era of Supreme in the past 23 years what would you pick up to add to your collection?

As I said, I’m part of the new school generation of collectors as I wasn’t even born when Supreme was founded so I wasn’t able to see the brand and every piece in last 23 years. When I look at the older stuff on the list in my head (that I want) they are all from different eras from early 2000s. To be honest I can remember 2013-2014 was good time.

What do you think of my decision to exhibit and sell off a large portion of my personal collection on The Idle Man?

I think it’s great for you and the people of the culture and community. It’s going to help educate the whole community it with crazy archive exhibit as well as collectors like me and others able to see stuff we never seen in person… or ever!

It’s also gonna help so many people be able to obtain hard to find pieces and grails that they may not even find again if it wasn’t for you. As well as the market value on Supreme items are at the highest point right now so perfect time to get your money back out of it. Since only portion of your collection is going up for sale you still have kept some of your favourites so I’m guessing that’s all that counts!

Ross Wilson’s Supreme Archive will be available to purchase exclusively on The Idle Man from Thursday 1st February 2018. To access the sale please register your interest at the link below.

An exhibition of collection highlights will be open for public viewing at The Idle Man, 97 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TS on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd February. Admission is free and will be open from 11am - 7pm.


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