The Idle Man Meets Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes


Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are taking the British punk scene by storm. The Idle Man have been lucky enough to catch up with Frank before he gets ready for a hectic festival season.

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Released on International Death Cult, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnake's second album Modern Ruin is a strong sonic marriage of anger-infused rock as well as personal and political narratives. We catch up with former Gallows frontman to chat about how things have evolved creatively. Have a listen to the playlist the guys put together for us for a taste of what it's like being backstage with The Rattlesnakes ahead of a show.

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First of all, you’ve been through one hell of a music journey. How has your approach and sound changed since you started with Gallows up until now?

I guess the sound has naturally changed with my approach. My approach now is much more focused, hopeful and positive. I'd like to think that the music reflects at least some of that without shutting any of the previous doors I have held open for so long. Let's be honest, anger is as much a gift as it is a problem.

What was the process behind the creation of your new album Modern Ruin?

The process has many different stages. The first is writing. I write constantly, long deranged stories that sometimes rhyme and sometimes fall in on themselves. Then Dean [Richardson, The Rattlesnake's guitarist] and I will get together in my garage and play the songs stripped back until we have a rough structure for each song. Then we head into the studio with the boys to flesh it out and open the whole thing up to the firing line so they can point out any potential flaws. Once we have wrestled it into a good place we finally take it to the studio and try and catch lightning in a bottle.

Tell us a little about the mix.

The mix is our one hour til stage playlist. It's an eclectic collection of songs that show our interests but more importantly allow us to get in the right headspace to go and play a rock and roll show.

What can we expect from your upcoming tour?

We started off the new year by touring Europe with Biffy Clyro, we are just playing our last show of that tour with a headline show in Belgium. Then hopefully off to the US for a couple shows and then a big U.K. headline tour in March which is almost entirely sold out which is crazy to me!

This year is about playing Modern Ruin to as many people as possible. It's a very exciting time for us.

Author: Claudia Manca


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