How To Wear The Idle Man AW18

How To Wear The Idle Man AW18

Returning with our strongest collection yet, our brand new AW18 range is sophisticated, contemporary and modern. Designed for men who feel like menswear is leaving them behind, The Idle Man AW18 collection is presenting clothes we would wear, at prices we would pay. 

Our new and exciting AW18 line is finally here. The range has been carefully designed to be coordinated together through quality and thought. The neutral tones run throughout making it even easier to wear with effortless style so you can get on with your life. If you're wanting to make the most of the new collection then continue reading for some inspiration.

Find our latest collection here.

The Idle Man stands for men who aren't satisfied with the oversaturated menswear market, so our new range of coats will see you looking effortlessly contemporary through those winter chills. From coats to trousers to jumpers, the collection has it all for you to create your essential capsule wardrobe. Layering can be tricky at this time of year, our jackets will have your back through the winter so you can keep it thin underneath with a t-shirt, shirt or light sweater.

The overall feel for the designs are made up of complimenting colours, the lookbook shows how all the collection works together. Sticking to a clear palette, they work together by when pairing similar colours, and even work when pairing contrasting colours such as black and white.

As the evenings are beginning to get darker sooner, and the temperatures are dropping quickly. No more heading out to the local in just a shirt, now it's time to start thinking about adding a jacket. You can use a jacket to dress up an outfit, this can be done with colour and length. Darker tones for the evening work best, and depending on where you're heading to, you can have a short jacket, or if your plans are to stay at the local where your mates might spend half the night stood outside smoking you might want something with more length.

Our beige puffer jacket is a perfect neutral coat that will go with almost every outfit, its lighter colour gives it limitless daytime appeal. It can be paired with jeans or chinos, for a conservative look, black jeans will match and the contrast in colour will look sharp. For a more casual daytime look, you can wear a colour such as olive or brown. Just like a pair of chinos which will work with the coat, making the outfit flow together nicely. Add a t-shirt or shirt underneath to complete the look.

Our new collection doesn't stop at coats, we have added a new selection of trousers, overshirts, and jumpers. Our AW18 apparel embraces the thicker season bringing back wool-blend jumpers with the '90s quarter zip and introducing a wider corduroy range to our trousers and overshirts. Embracing the autumnal season, we have designed every inch of to work together, making your days warmer when leading into the cold winter. Our greatest collection yet will have you seizing every day, one outfit at a time.



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