How to Survive Commuting

How to Survive Commuting

How to survive commuting? In all honesty, you can't, but for the sake of the British public, we'll give it our best shot. Whether you're a Southern Railway sufferer or a Central line cynic, here is our guide on how to survive the commute.

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For most of the British public, the idea of being at work doesn't even come close to being as bad as the idea of getting to work. Commuting sucks, and don't we all know it. Not all of you will suffer the wrath of Southern Rail every day, but no matter what your means of transport to work, be it bike, car or tube, we all have to fight our own commuter problems. We're always here to help you, so here are our top tips on how to survive the commute.

Train Commuter Problems

The most common of them the all: the commuter Rail Problems. Living in the outskirts of London or in the countryside is all well and good until the 6:00 am alarm goes off and you're filled with the prospects of having an hour+ commute ahead of you. More often than not, these commutes will involve a heavy dosage of the British railway system. In some cases, this isn't too painful. In other cases, it's horrendous. At the start of this year, Southern Railway got voted the worst UK rail service for the third year running. If you can cope with this daily, we applaud you.

So, how to get through the train commuter problems? Out best tip is to invest in a decent pair of headphones. Do not underestimate the power of decent headphones. We would 100% recommend going for a pair that are noise cancelling, so not only can block out the world but also so that no one else around you can hear the dulled out, never-ending beats of your music. The trick to success for the most painless commute possible is to not be annoyed or to be annoying.

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Bowers and Willing Headphones


Bike Commuter Problems

Cycling is for the brave. If you can ride a bike through central London, then again, we applaud you. Riding a bike to work is one of the most environment-friendly ways to travel (other than walking), but it isn't always a fun task. It's no news that cars, especially during the busy commute hours, can become ignorant and cause many an accident - this is one of the worst commuter problems in London. So, if this is your chosen method, you'll have to be hot in the head and a quick thinker (even at 7:00 am).

The best tip for this? Sounds obvious, but make sure you have a good, high-quality bike and all of the accessories that go with it. If you've had your bike for a while and it's starting to feel a bit sorry for itself, it's time to up the gears (pun intended) and invest in a new one. Here at Idle, we have your bike problems with our range of technical Foffa Bikes designs. Made of lightweight alloy and steel with an 8-speed Shimano Altus and Rapid Shifter gearset, you don't need to look any further.

Commuting Problems


Car Commuter Problems

If you can drive to work, we consider you one of the lucky ones. Granted, it won't always be stress-free with traffic and whatnot, but at least you don't have to endure the company of strangers up in your face. If this is your commute of choice, one of the biggest problems you will find is parking. A lot of companies in London don't have parking facilities, and if you manage to find somewhere, it will most likely cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, commuter parking problems aren't something we can help with other than advising you to make sure you have some good tunes and a strong coffee.

Driving To Work In The Morning


Walking Commuter Problems

Finally, the problems the walking commuters face. Again, this is one of the least offensive modes of transport as you can do your own thing, however, the one down-side? The British weather. Rain is inevitable in London, and the great part is, you never know when it's coming. It can be sunny one second and then the next the rain will be falling like a tonne of bricks. The answer? Waterproofs.

Many men avoid wearing waterproof jackets because they often have an ugly stigma attached to them. People also think they are really hot and stuffy which is what men want to avoid when doing a fast-paced morning walk. We have the answer for you. Not all waterproof jackets are heavy and thick, and they are certainly not ugly, either. In addition to a decent raincoat, a hat, scarf and pair of wool socks will become your commuting best friend.

Be Careful When Walking To Work For Commuter Health Problems


Commuting Trainers

If you've thought about getting a pair of commuting trainers, please read the following: If you want to get a clunky pair of colourfully mismatched trainers, don't bother. We believe that style comes first, so you should consider what trainers you want to pair with your suit just as much as you'd consider what tie to wear with your shirt for the day. For the best trainers-suit combination, you need to opt for a minimal pair. Some plain white trainers are your best bet, as these will complement your suit/work clothes rather than pull all of the attention to the ugliness of the shoe.

Trainers will a suit can look good if you wear it well

How to Survive Commuting

  • Commuting by the train is, by far, the worst kind of commute. Be prepared with a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones/earphones and a strong coffee.
  • Cycling into work can get you from A to B quick enough, but it comes with its own risks. Make sure you have a high-quality bike that will make your journey safer.
  • Driving into work, in our opinion, is the best way to go. Make sure you have some decent music to listen to.
  • Walking to work gives you some space in the morning, however, in Britain, you never know which way the weather will turn. Get yourself a decent mac/waterproof coat that will see you through all weather emergencies.
  • Wear minimal trainers if you must. Please don't fall into the trap of chucking on any old trainers with you suit.

How To Survive A Commute

On That Note

We know that nothing we can suggest will make your commute a dream come true, nonetheless, we help that by reading this guide you don't feel so alone. By making sure you have a few commute essentials, your journey too and from work can become that little bit more bearable. From some high-quality headphones to a warm waterproof jacket, our selection from The Idle Man means you don't need to look any further.


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